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Further Adventures of the Borderland Biker -Chapter 21

By October 27, 2015General Posts


“Thank you…thankyouverymuch…,” said an Elvis with a good natured grin that looked like a lopsided sneer and who looked a lot like the Elvis played by the actor Bruce Campbell in the movie BUBBA HO-TEP and who was sitting on a stool with his back to a jukebox. “Larry and Kate are in the booth behind me. Ma n’ Pa can’t be here but said to say Shaun’s safe and thank you for closing off that entrance into their Borderland. And Hilts, who’s on an errand, said to say he’ll trade you the M109 he salvaged near Kate’s place for the Yamaha Raider you’re riding. He said that he and Kate will need the Raider to get to where they’re going and that the M109’s identical to the one you had to destroy and, and,…,” and then Elvis had to take a breath, “…and that it’s parked in back of this diner next to what looks like sort of a wrecked and rusted CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG.” Read more here.