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Desert Run Sunday Post for April 27, 2014

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Four wheels move the body, two wheels move the soul.

Hey, Interesting chilly day in the shop. I’m trying to honor the dharma, but the back of the shop is open to allow the dogs access and the sun in, so if a fly lands on my computer, he or she is toast. I can’t help my violent self. I went out with a beautiful buxom Italian last night. I was still buzzing from a road trip with a 1916 Reading Standard, and a 1916 Excelsior four to Port Lavaca, Texas and back. The return trip included 1,505 miles and a 22 hour straight run back to Los Angeles, plus lots of trail mix.

For the first time since I started to mess with my Spitfire Girder, it is working well with a new Ikon shock and a 250 pound rated spring. Yesterday I was tempted to peel for the desert run in Laughlin, but we just experienced rare rain and the following low turns the desert into a massive, wind-swept, sand blaster. Besides I want to put a few more miles on my new system.

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