DEI’s Original Titanium Exhaust Wrap–Now in BLACK


DEI’s best-selling Titanium exhaust wrap with LR Technology is now available with a great looking satin black finish. Black Titanium is woven from the same high performing LR material as the original Titanium wrap and retains the same features: high service temperature (1800°F), along with improved resistance to abrasion, chemicals, and vibration breakdown. More pliable and less itchy than fiberglass wrap, installation is easier and allows for a tighter wrap with no pre-wetting required.

Black Titanium exhaust wrap is available in DEI’s most popular roll lengths: 15’, 25’, 50’ and 100’. To determine the proper length for specific application, DEI offers an online wrap calculator.

Same performance as original Titanium
No pre-wetting for installation
Great looking finish
Made in the USA
Exhaust Wrap in Black Titanium
Part Numbers: various
MSRP: Starts at $25.95
Availability: December 15

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