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This has been a fascinating week. I could say it was a challenge. I could also say it was fucked. But I try to keep a constant positive attitude and my goals at the forefront of every effort. Let’s get specific.

I had another meeting with the City of Los Angeles regarding my building. It was quick and direct. I spent hours trying to draw blueprints of the building to their specifications to prevent being forced to hire an architect to scan it for $2,500 to $5000. I sat with the Chief and reviewed our permit direction and one more drawing. I need a plot map. So, I have another homework assignment on my plate but we’re getting closer.

My 93-year-old ma is having health issues. She’s sharp, but her building structure is breaking down. She’s very fragile and it’s forcing us to research various living options. It’s actually a bummer to be forced to move a 93-year-old from place to place. There needs to be a better plan. Just the move could kill her.

Then, I attended a community meeting last night. Our headquarters are basically across the street from the Port of Los Angeles, in Wilmington. We live in the only coastal community in California without access to our waterfront. Basically the port took it. We once had canals. So, they presented their plan for our waterfront. It was bullshit. They need a much better approach. I got up and spoke briefly about thinking out of the box and the benefits of our community. Again, it’s back to the drawing board.

All these efforts above have nothing to do with survival, running Bikernet, repairs to the headquarters, doing the laundry, or working on motorcycles. I need to get back to work on the 5-Ball Factory Racer, goddammit.

Let’s hit the news. The Bikernet Weekly News is sponsored in part by Cycle Source, the Motorcycle Riders Foundation, ChopperTown, Iron Trader, and the Las Vegas Bike Fest. Hooray!

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