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Cycle World's Exclusive Look Inside Indian's Thunder Stroke 111 V-Twin Engine

By May 2, 2013General Posts

The new Indian Thunder Stroke 111 engine is running and Cycle World has seen it.

It's an entirely new design, sharing nothing with previous Indian revivals or Polaris’ existing Victory motorcycle products. At last, the Indian name is in the hands of people with the power to realize its full potential. How does a major corporation decide to commit serious money to a folk memory? Indian is seen as the only brand iconic and powerful enough to challenge Harley-Davidson for the hearts and minds of American riders. This is classic American enterprise—nothing ventured, nothing gained.

The new engine is an air-cooled, 49-degree V-Twin displacing 111 cubic inches from a 101mm bore and a 113mm stroke. Designing this 1811cc engine was made doubly difficult by the need to combine modern technology with the special Indian features that somehow live in the minds of American motorcyclists. 

Click on the link below to read the in-depth gearhead account from Cycle World's Kevin Cameron after you check out the video.

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