Custom Cycle Engineering Goes To V-Twin Expo

If you are a dealer and are attending this year's V-Twin Expo in Cinci, make sure to stop by the new Custom Cycle Engineering Booth. You will find CCE and their friendly staff at booth 670

Check this out, Custom Cycle Engineering will be presenting an all-new product you don't want to miss. The Steering Damper for All FLH Models. Custom Cycle Engineering has developed a Steering Damper system for the Harley Dresser models. Custom designed clamps and brackets position a Shindy Steering Stablizer in the optimum location so the damper can be installed with minimum effort.  The installation of the Steering Damper stabilizes the front fork and helps with front end wobble.

Two systems are available.  The first style is mounted parallel to the frame and only requires a slight relocation of the horn (brackets provided).  The second system is mounted perpendicular to the frame and is located in a less conspicuous location.  The perpendicular system requires the elimination of the stainless steel “Cow Bells” and the installation of rubber “accordion” fork boots.  The perpendicular steering damper also facilitates the use of a fork truss or brace for maximum fork stability.
SDS 2013-1 Parallel Steering Damper for FLH’s
SDS 2012-2 Perpendicular Steering Damper for
                      FLH’s W/Fork Truss                       
Pick one at the V-Twin Expo and get 10% off of this and many other items from the Custom Cycle Engineering line.


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