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Crystal Clear Communication

By March 16, 2014General Posts


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THE Innovative Technology of UCLEAR. What do you want in a helmet communicator more than anything else? I would think absolutely clear transmission and reception even under windy, or less than ideal riding conditions. The innovative technology as applied with the Uclear Helmet Communicator provides just that, in a boom-less configuration. Crystal clear Blue-Tooth (Ver 2.1 EDR, Class 1) communication is just one of the many Uclear functions. Mobile phone operation, streaming music (say Pandora if you will) two party intercom communications (bike-to-bike) which include group or conference talk, and GPS function are all part of the Uclear application group. Radio range is said to be 700 meters, but I found that on occasion range was a far as 1000 meters and more. If I could see it, I could talk to it, and even if I couldn’t see it, if no obstructions were in between us I could talk to number 2. When riding in groups of three and four, (with similar equipment) the effective range can be extended even further due to the “relay” effect/function of the Uclear HBC 200.

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