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By December 11, 2013General Posts


This is the 4th annual toy run started by a great friend of mine Mike Rowland and his hommie Timmy T 1st year there was 12 bikes and they did the run from Mike’s house; 2nd year 22 bikes; last year we did the ride out of my shop and had 55 bikes. This year hopefully a 100 bikes is our goal.

Will Nash of LBFD and sparks of love have been involved from the beginning when Mike approached them.This was all done out of love and kindness from Mike and his riding club The Uncorrected.

I just host the party. No money is made off this it all goes to the kids. Rivera/Primo and Speed merchant will be there and anybody else? Bikernet will be there, LRB brakes, and the famous Ray C. Wheeler.

At 2 or 3 o’clock the fire truck will arrive to pick up the toys and let the kids play on the truck..good stuff, good food and great music. Come out if u can.

–Eric Bennett