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The New Confederate — Way Too Good For The Likes Of You

By December 7, 2013General Posts


To paraphrase Pierre Terblanche, famous South African motorcycle designer now in charge of design for Confederate Motorcycles, here is one of the most outlandish industrial sculptures in existence. Not exactly sporting a name that rolls off the tongue, the Confederate C2 P-51 Fighter is, well… it’s just fixin’ to kill you, that’s all!

You probably can’t afford to buy one, unless you have a cool batcave, but these machine straight out of Mordor will soon be available on Earth. Just listen to Terblanche’s over-the-top enthusiastic sales pitch and feel your blood pulsating through your aching temples as he describes just how bitchin’ the C3PO is, from its frame carved out of unobtainium by trained army ants, to the seat made from the skin of an Elf.

Make sure to refresh your browser if the following video doesn’t appear. If all else fails, put your right index finger in your left ear and say the following word three times: Qrhtgpkljws. Enjoy!