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Bandit Missing! — No Reward Offered Thursday News for April 24,2014

By April 24, 2014General Posts



Mutiny on the Harbor — Bikernet Minions running WILD.  

Its been a very interesting week, Bandit jumped ship, disposed of his cell phone in the harbor and left town. Is he escaping from the insanity of work, a busty redhead, or is he one step ahead of a federal indictment? The staff is clueless and we are all watching over our shoulder wondering if it will be a pissed off redhead or the Feds at the door in the middle of the night.

But just because the big man decided to act like Casper the Ghost doesn’t mean the Bikernet Minions haven’t tried to pick up the slack. In between tearing Headquarters apart looking for a bottle of Jack, and peering out the windows to see if the local SWAT team is ready to haul all our asses in for questioning we have managed to put together a Thursday News.

Its Quick, Its Dirty……CLICK to read!