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Bahn Pegs Are Now Available

By October 23, 2015General Posts

Bikernet Bahn Pegs 01

Bikernet Bahn Pegs 03The all-new footpegs from Bahn are engineered with precision-machined styling and real-world functionality thanks to premium form-fitted rubber inserts that significantly reduce vibration.

Bahn Pegs feature a large, flattened top design that provides superior foot support and traction compared to fully rounded pegs with less surface area. The rubber inserts frame the upper perimeter of the housing to subtly reveal Bahn’s distinct logo-free designs that are machined into the forged aluminum top center plate of the peg. The overall design is enhanced by matching forged aluminum end caps that flawlessly complement the rest of Bahn’s product lineup for Harley-Davidson,

Bahn Pegs are available in chrome or black anodized “tuxedo” finishes as a direct replacement for H-D-style male-mount footpeg and cruise peg applications, with model-specific tapered adapters sold separately for Indian, Victory and a variety of metric cruisers.

P/N 6958: Bahn Footpegs, Tuxedo – $139.99

P/N 6959: Bahn Footpegs, Chrome – $139.99