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BA Moto Long Beach forms BA Moto Racing

By May 9, 2012General Posts


GET ON THE TRACK… Get off those dangerous canyon roads.
“Chief”  AHRMA #013  *BA-MOTO RACING * 2005 Triumph Thruxton.
Big Thank You to: British Customs, Scorpion Exo, Racetech, Racer 13 and Ricky Brown.
BA-MOTO  I noticed we had 2 crash Triumph Thruxton bikes at the shop we had bought for parts, etc, and I asked them what the plan was. They said they didn’t know but they both worked so I made an offer to be in partners with them to help pay for them to build a race bike. BA-MOTO racing was born. The guys all came together on the bike and got it ready for our first track day.  We drove to  Infineon Raceway with our buddies from Racer 13 on a $150.00 track day. It was the most fun I had ever had on a motorcycle in my entire life. The team was helping me learn the basics and after that day, I was hooked!  Chief Heath Cofran