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Attitude Is Everything Thursday News for Thursday November 14, 2013

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Progress, New Models, New Opportunities, Obstacles, New Motorcycles, New Laws, Old Laws, Bad Cops, Good Cops, Bad Jokes, and how to handle all of them.

MADNESS, OR ARE THE STARS OUT OF ALIGNMENT—As you know life is strange. You can get up one morning and the dog is cool, and yapping, the ol’ lady wants to hold hands, and the guy down the street found an old Indian motorcycle patch and gave it to you. Maybe the neighbor who borrowed a lift two years ago returned it (when you thought you might never see it again), and brought a fifth of Jack.

So, a week goes by. You help a couple of brothers get on the road, wash the ol’ lady’s car, and loan out the lift again. You roll over the next morning and the dog bites your hand and knocks over your favorite planter. Your woman runs off with the mailman. Some guys in the industry try to steal another guy’s business, someone starts a competing web site after you helped him with his clients for five years, and someone close tries to put you in a trick bag over a motorcycle. Just makes you want to go back to bed and hope for a new morning.