Airtech Labor Day Sale

Here is a chance to save some money!!!

30% off can be pretty substantial, be sure to take advantage of this sale!

Order soon! This sale ends on Tuesday, 9/5 at 5PM!

So take a look at our website, find the parts you want, call us to see how much we can save you…

Tell ’em Sent Ya !

Hello again, again AirTech fans!

Use this discount code!! Email us with code: 91-30 to start saving today! Email:

Our production team is killing it with both their manufacturing and shipping efficiency, so now seems like the perfect time for another sale!

We’ve decided to offer a 20% discount to everyone! Spread the word! Of course, you guys as our newsletter subscribers get that extra 10% on top of that! Making your total savings a whopping 30% off!

What a great opportunity to jump on for this weekend! Find the parts you’ve been needing and give us a call on Monday or Tuesday! Bossman wanted to make sure the sale lasts through the end of the day on Tuesday.


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