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A New Biker Competition On The Tube

By May 3, 2014General Posts


It’s official, you no longer have to watch reruns of American Chopper or Biker Build-off to see short-tempered bearded men use a step drill, toss hammers at garage walls and watch choppers fall off of work tables. Enter #BIKERLIVE, a new type of custom motorcycle build-off that will hit the tube hard Monday May 12. The tag line is: Three garages get a chance to be bike building legends! Anyway, I don’t know what to expect from this new program but it has got to be VERY cool, because it has a ‘#’ before the name… Gotta jump and get me a Twatter account right quick, because without it I won’t be able to vote for the next custom motorcycle living legend.

In case you haven’t seen the promo that’s been running in a loop for weeks on Discovery, here it is.