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7eye By Panoptx

By September 25, 2013General Posts

The Research & Development team, at 7eye by Panoptx eyewear, continues to be industry-leading innovators in developing cutting-edge technology for motorcycle ‘ridewear’.

7 eye Rocker detached lens module‘Launching unique eyewear products has remained our goal since 1996 and we’ve created some ‘real game changers this time around’ reports Marcel Schiro the companies VP of Sales and Marketing. Being designer-manufacturer we have abilities and leverage, to introduce new methods, innovative designs, fitting and comfort that speak to every user depending on their unique needs. Schiro states. The Derby, Panhead and Rocker set a new standard for features in Peripheral vision, overall fit, adjustability and versatility as evidenced in Rocker with a patented interchangeable lens module.

Fit is a key ingredient and rather than present a one-size-fits-all model, the designers at 7eye offer a number of models each one engineered to fit a different facial configuration. No matter what ethnicity, face shape or head size 7eye by Panoptx has a model that will fit you.

Always using the highest quality materials available 7eye by Panoptx delivers to their customers a level of performance that makes our eyewear a piece of necessary equipment not just a sunglass.

For further information contact 7eye by Panoptx 866-484-0292 or go to to find a dealer and choose the model that works best for you.