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BERU 2015-0401


I’m confused today. A brother of mine reminded me of his mantra, “We are facing constant and expanding regulation. We need to adapt to it.” I can’t. Maybe I’m not bright enough to read all the daunting fine print.

Here’s a terrible example of government deliberate confusion. In Newport Beach, California you must go to the city for a permit to replace your worn or damaged garbage disposal. It only takes a guy ten minutes to replace it, but in this town he must have a certified contractor handle the task and have a city inspector sign off on the deal. I can’t imagine the cost.

In Connecticut, a relative of mine is building her home inside an old stone stable building. She is required to get permits for anything her and her husband does outside the building, like build another garage or shop. But inside the building is up to them. No permits. So what’s it all about?

Too often regulation turns into business. To build motorcycle mufflers for California you must have them certified and install Catalytic Convertors, which will cost an additional 100 dollars per muffler.

My bro, is running a business as a consultant to pipe companies to help them through the process. More regulation might benefit his business. One manufacturer promoted this certification process to give him a heads up in the muffler market. He’s no longer in business. Are you beginning to smell the smoke and see the mirrors?

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