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Betsy’s Bash Up

For a drifter the motorcycle is his sole and most valued possession. It is his house, car, TV, microwave, washing machine, and every other thing in the life of a normal man, all rolled into one. It’s the center of his world and when it stops his world stops with it. And so was I faced with a very real problem. With no home at which to return, no roadside assistance, no full coverage insurance, and no real money, how would I get this mess reassembled into one piece? Could it be done while on the road?


After the wreck I’d called Randy White; an old friend who owns the Sturgis Swap Meet where he sells used HD parts during the rally. Upon hearing of the accident Randy had generously offered the use of his Kansas farmhouse and what parts he had. He’d said I was welcome to say as long as needed. Just now the farmhouse lay only a hundred miles ahead and I intended to arrive by late afternoon. Although I’d known Randy and his wife Shirley for many years, I’d no idea of what their home life might be like. That was about to change.

The farm lay on a large plot of flat land that seemed indiscernible from the surrounding grasslands which fanned to the horizon in all directions. The old house was a weathered single story with large metal building out back. Around both sat every manor of old, and often collectible, car, van, tractor, trailer, motor-home, and even one train car.

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