Compress Soft Gear With Harley's Shrink Sacks

The new Shrink Sacks (P/N 90200719, $15.95 Medium; P/N 90200721, $17.95 Large) from Harley-Davidson® Genuine Motor Accessories® maximize motorcycle luggage capacity by collapsing bulky clothing down to a fraction of its original size. Simply load the bag with soft goods, seal it, roll it to evacuate the air and the compressed Shrink Sack occupies a fraction of the space that used to fill a Tour-Pak®, saddlebag or Premium Luggage bag. Each kit includes three bags with a Bar and Shield logo, a carry handle, and a label area to mark its contents. The medium Shrink Sack fits in saddlebags, Premium Luggage and Tour-Pak luggage. The large Shrink Sack fits Tour-Pak luggage, Tour-Pak Rack Bags and Touring Bags. 

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