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Memorial Day Sale At Nash

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A combination of the Nashty Ol’ Bag and Nashty Ol’ Fuel Sling comprised into one small unit. This is the perfect compact bag for a hoodie, your registration, and some tools. Made right here in the USA from high quality local leather and featuring a sexy look you can’t get from any other bag. Added on to the side of the bag with reinforced leather is our Nashty Ol’ Fuel Sling, the fuel sling holds an extra quarter gallon of fuel to give you that extra boost in desperate riding situations. The 33 fl.oz. fuel bottle will give you an average of 10 miles extra riding time, and 10 less miles you have to ditch your bike on the side of the road and walk. The fuel sling is hand made and will fit just about any application with easily adjustable straps, brass hardware, and quick snaps on top and bottom so you can slide the bottle out quickly and get back on the road. The aluminum bottle is included with the sling and has a 1″ opening so that it’s easy to fill at the pump. If you want to have extra security, get two of them. Also as an added feature, add the Gun Sling to your bag to be able to take your piece with you wherever you go.

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Book Review: McQueen’s Motorcycles

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So I try and tell you why I think you would like a book or not and why you might or might not want to pick up a copy for yourself. Well, this book sat on my desk a little longer than it should.

Ya see, I’m not into celebrities, movie stars and all that. I think A Man’s A Man For A’ That, if your a fan of Burns. I believe a man is defined by his actions not what he does for a living or the status he has achieved or his fame and fortune. This book showed me the real side of Steve McQueen. Not being into celebrities I never looked into the man and what he accomplished. I was quite surprised. He wasn’t a playboy racecar driver but a down-to-earth motorhead. Read more.


“Counting Cars” Stars Join Growing List of Celebrities Appearing at the Buffalo Chip and Legends Ride

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For the past seven years fans have been watching Shannon Aikau, Ryan Evans and “Horny” Mike help to restore and create beautiful vehicles on HISTORY’s top-rated show, “Counting Cars.” Now those same fans will have several opportunities see these three personalities and their creations in person when they make appearances and show off some of their favorite motorcycles at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip in August. They will also be joining actors Tom Berenger and Zahn McClarnon and celebrity bike builder Paul Teutul Jr. during the Buffalo Chip’s Legends Ride in Deadwood on Monday, Aug. 6.


The Counts Appearance Schedule

In addition to the Legends Ride, those looking to spend some time with these stars may find them at their merchandise trailer located at the Buffalo Chip’s free-access CrossRoads or at the following events:

Saturday, Aug. 4 – Judging the Buffalo Chip Chopper Show, with special Counts Kustom Award presentation

Sunday, Aug. 5 – attending the Flying Piston Charity Breakfast

Tuesday, Aug. 7 – Judging the Three-DomTM Trike Show

Meet the Stars

Born on the island of Oahu in Hawaii, Shannon has been working on motorcycles since he was 6 years old and working with Danny “The Count” Koker for 20 years. He has built over 300 bikes including Danny’s first bike, “Tattoo.” In 1998 he constructed Danny’s everyday bike, which he named “Coffin.” Ryan Evans, head painter and graphic artist, has been painting with Counts Kustoms for 20 years and is a regular on the hit TV show. “Horny Mike” is a talented airbrush artist who loves to put 3-D horns on everything. Danny relies on Mike to bring “out-there” ideas to life and provide advice whenever an extraordinary project comes through the shop doors.

Passes are available at BuffaloChip.com or by calling 605-347-9000.


Product Spotlight — Baker Hydraulic Side Covers

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The BAKER Hydraulic Side Cover can be used as an upgrade to convert your bike from a mechanical cable style actuator, to the smooth action of a hydraulic. It has a slim design that adds the toughness of billet with the innovation of a BAKER product to your Big Twin. We use a 1.5” diameter, double sealed, steel piston to work flawlessly with an 11/16” bore hydraulic master cylinder. It is designed to fit stock 5-speeds, stock 6-speeds, the BAKER DD5, DD6, OD6, DD7 and GrudgeBox. More info here.

Jared Mees, Indian Privateer Kenny Coolbeth Jr. & Wrecking Crew Rider Bryan Smith Sweep Podium

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Indian Motorcycle Racing’s Scout FTR750 continues its dominance in American Flat Track (AFT) racing – sweeping the top seven positions at the Sacramento Mile. Reigning Grand National Champion Jared Mees again takes the top position, with Nila Racing/Columbia Avionics privateer Kenny Coolbeth Jr. securing second place, and Wrecking Crew rider Bryan Smith placing third. The podium sweep marks the third consecutive race of an all Scout FTR750 podium.

Mees worked his way to the front and remained in the first-place position through the 25 laps. Coolbeth worked his way to third place from a challenging position, finally holding the second-place spot. Smith returned to the dirt track after breaking his left fibula during a Semi Final race at the Texas Half-Mile on April 28 and secured his best finish of the season.

“It feels great to finally get the win at the legendary Sacramento Mile. This has been a track I have desperately wanted for many years,” said Mees. “The Indian Scout FTR750 once again proved it’s the best bike on the track – this time taking the top seven spots.”

Wrecking Crew rider Brad Baker finished fourth, while Indian Motorcycle privateers Henry Wiles (Wilco Racing/Willy Built/Bandit Industries), Davis Fisher (No. 67 RMR/Double D Performance) and Chad Cose (Indian Motorcycle of Oklahoma City), placed fifth, sixth and seventh, respectively.

“It was another thrilling night to see all seven of the Scout FTR750s lead the board,” said Gary Gray, Vice President – Racing, Technology & Service for Indian Motorcycle. “We were impressed to see Smith make such a quick comeback and finish third after breaking his leg just weeks ago.”

Through the six races this season, Mees continues to sit atop of the leaderboard with 125 points and five wins, while Wiles ranks second with 89 points. Baker, Coolbeth, Fisher and Jeffrey Carver Jr. currently sit fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh place, respectively.

The Indian Wrecking Crew and stable of privateers aboard the Scout FTR750 will continue its season on May 27 at the Springfield Mile. For more information on Indian Motorcycle Racing, backed by Allstate Insurance, the Indian Wrecking Crew and Scout FTR750, visit IndianMotorcycle.com and follow along on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. For information on purchasing a Scout FTR750, please contact Racing@IndianMotorcycle.com.

Bandit Reaches Out To ARB

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Bandit recently reached out to the ARB in a letter regarding motorcycle rules. There are a lot of issues discussed in this letter, and many feel like our freedom as riders are under threat. Bandit also consults with many people in our industry and here’s part of an exchange he had with Tony San Felipo regarding these threats. More will soon be released on Bikernet later this week. Stay tuned…

Keith, I read and then re-read your article after your additions were put in. It’s brilliant. Not only should ARB read this, but it should be read by as many freedom-loving Americans as possible. I was just saying very similar things to Vicki last week as those sentiments you expressed in your article. I think two key statements in your piece are, 1. Zero Fatality contention is unattainable, but will cause never-ending regulation, and 2. Why are we following the lead of the EU?

I agree with your statements and quotes from authorities that the emission scare is a hoax, and that motorcycles play a miniscule part adding to the so-called Greenhouse effect. Although Zero fatalities is a great marketing hook, it is not possible in the near or even distant future. Certainly we should always strive for the highest (best) outcome in our goals, but we should realize that we won’t reach that level. Just like in the crash cases I work on, we make a huge demand for settlements (usually policy limits if the injuries justify that, and the available insurance can meet that demand), but in the end the results are often less than the original demand. So is it with this Zero initiative.


Service Your Own Fuel System With JIMS Fuel Pump Access Tool

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While I believe most people change their engine oil and filter on their motorcycles at the recommended mileage and even some of the other fluids, how about the fuel filter?

Well, I like to think I maintain my motorcycle well enough. But recently I realized have over 121,000 miles on my 2009 FLHTC and have not changed the fuel filter. I was not having any issues, but I do not want any either. Read more.


NCOM Coast to Coast and around the World Legislative News for May 2018

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The National Coalition of Motorcyclists was founded over three decades ago during the turbulent formation of the bikers’ rights movement to foster unity among diverse segments of the motorcycling community in order to advance a more cohesive political agenda. Unity and cooperation were the buzzwords at this year’s 33rd annual NCOM Convention in Mobile, Alabama as hundreds of representatives from Motorcyclists Rights Organizations (MROs), clubs and associations from across the country came to listen, learn and share information on a variety of issues important to today’s riders.

Read more.

Progressive Laconia Motorcycle Week Is A Family Tradition

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This year marks the 95th Laconia Motorcycle Week, a tradition that has piled up a lot of stories and interesting characters along the way. None more so than Lance Blais, whose first visit to the event was way back in 1952. Excuse him for not remembering the occasion, as he was just a toddler, arriving in the sidecar of his father’s motorcycle. As one of nine children (count them: Linda, Larry, Lance, Lauren, Lee, Lon, Luke, Landon and Lisa), Lance and his family have been back every year since, apart from the occasional war (Lance joined the military in 1966). Read more.