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New Metzeler X-ply sizes

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The Metzeler brand extends its ROADTECTM 01 Sport Touring line with new X-ply sizes. Available starting in March 2018, the new line extension will provide many more fitments for older motorcycles as well as the new, smaller capacity motorcycles.

Compared to the radial version, ROADTECTM 01 X-ply features the use of different structures and compounds. ROADTECTM 01 has been developed with absolute versatility in mind, enabling excellent wet performance, mileage and stability for pure road use. From short trips with a sporty riding style to adventurers or urban commuters, the range now meets the demands of sport-tourers, tourers, nakeds, enduro-street and supersport motorcycles from 150cc upwards.

While the ROADTECTM 01 radial carcass has a 0° steel belt with INTERACTTM technology, the X-ply carcass features increased rigidity, especially in the sidewall area. Front and rear X-Ply compounds feature a different approach compared to radial tires with their rotation generating more heat. A unique carbon-black based compound with approximately 30% silica capitalizes on the heat generated by structural flex to reach its optimal operating temperature to deliver good grip in the dry. Special plastifying resins, enhancing compound mobility and adhesive properties, are combined with Silica to ensure that the ROADTECTM 01 also delivers incomparable grip in the wet. The relatively stiffer structures of the X-ply, coupled with chemical components and tread adhesives, therefore provide a very high level of grip, both in dry and wet conditions.

In addition to the radial and new X-ply sizes and underlining Metzeler’s focus on range extension, the HWM -“Heavy Weight Motorcycles”- version is also available. Designed for heavy motorcycles, such as big cruisers and tourers, the HWM version guarantees greater stability, improving the experience when riding over irregularities in the road surface or during sudden handlebar movements.

For more information on ROADTECTM 01 and the new X-ply sizes that are available from March 2018 onwards, visit www.Metzeler.com.

H-D Debuts Harley-Davidson Snow Hill Climb At 2018 X Games

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In an X Games first, Harley-Davidson® Snow Hill Climb will make its debut at X Games Aspen as a medaled event alongside ski, snowboard and other action-sports competitions. The new medal sport will close out X Games Aspen 2018, which airs January 25-28 on ESPN and ABC.

In the Harley-Davidson Snow Hill Climb, riders will race modified twin-cylinder motorcycles up the flat bottom of the SuperPipe course. In each heat, riders will line up side-by-side at the start line at the base of the SuperPipe for a head-to-head race.

The first racer to ride the length of the SuperPipe and clear the finish line at the top will earn the “W.” Each Harley-Davidson Snow Hill Climb race motorcycle consists of an extended swingarm widen frame and a high-torque, twin-cylinder motor.

“For 115 years H-D riders from all walks of life have expressed their freedom from the seat of America’s favorite motorcycle, so it’s natural for us to continue to blaze trails – this time off the road and in the snow,” said Scott Beck, Harley-Davidson director of marketing. “We’ve raced the ice and climbed virtually every kind of hill, and the Harley-Davidson Snow Hill Climb is another way for us to grow the sport of motorcycling. We know our riders, and X Games fans and athletes alike share a passion for adrenaline and speed.”

The gold-and-bronze-medal rounds of Harley-Davidson Snow Hill Climb will air January 28 at 10:45 p.m. ET live on ESPN. Preliminary rounds and qualifying will stream live at 10:15 p.m. ET exclusively on facebook.com/harley-davidson.

The riders invited to compete in the Harley-Davison Snow Hill Climb are Logan Mead, Logan Cipala, Austin Cardwell, Jake Anstett, Dan Lauters, Josh Mueller, Louie Lauters and Travis Whitlock.

“There’s a story behind every mile you ride on your Harley-Davidson, and I’m honored to be one of the first to ride mine up the Snow Hill Climb during X Games 2018,” said Josh Mueller, who’ll be racing a modified Harley-Davidson Sportster® motorcycle. “History will be made in Aspen, and every athlete will look on with envy as we race up the SuperPipe.”

To learn more about Snow Hill Climb and see the bikes in action, check out Harley-Davidson’s YouTube channel.

ESPN, ESPN2 and ABC will televise a combined 15.5 hours of live X Games Aspen competition in high definition, which will also be accessible via the ESPN app and WatchABC to viewers who receive their video subscription from an affiliated provider. An additional eight hours of competition will be carried digitally/ESPN3 as well as the latest coverage across ESPN digital platforms, including XGames.com, X Games app, X Games pages across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and more.

Additional information on all X Games Aspen 2018 events will be forthcoming on www.xgames.com for fans or on www.espnmediazone.com for media.

FIGHTING SUNDAY POST for January 21, 2018

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We are living through interesting times. They are perplexing times and in some respects, I don’t get it. When the whole Global Warming threat kicked off so many folks gave into it, as if to say, “The oil companies have fucked with us in the past, I guess the regulators must be right.”

All the major players took a strange stance. The MIC and even SEMA just sort took on the notion that there was nothing they could do but negotiate with the regulators and pray for the best. And where were the oil companies during this era?

Now, when car companies and the whole motorcycle industry are struggling, they wonder and hire focus groups to find the problem.

And the media is complicit in the movement. Here’s another quote from a book published in 2008, Red Hot Lies by the “Climate Criminal,” Chris Horner:

Less alarming (or at least less useful) claims typically are of no interest (to our media). Little ink is spilled explaining how birds, fleas and trees produce more CO2 than humas, or tha cows’ CO2 and methane emissions dwarf those from autos. Well, silly, we aren’t looking to regulate birds, trees or fleas!

Watch for landing page changes next week.
Watch for landing page changes next week.


So, are we going to fight back or go down with the ship? Let’s hit the news.


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Video — 1952 KRTT Road Racer

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Born in 1936 to renowned engine tuner Leonard Andres, racing was in Brad Andres’ blood. In 1955, at the tender age of 18, he turned pro and competed in and won his very first Daytona 200. His record as the youngest winner still stands.

Andres was also named the AMA’s Grand National Champion during his remarkable rookie season. He enjoyed a short but storied career, capturing two more Daytona titles in 1959 and 1960. He retired soon after, and managed his family’s H-D dealership until 1976.

Come check out Brad’s 1952 KRTT Road Racer in the H-D Museum’s entrance.

Bargain Hunters: New Three-Day Passes and VIP Packages For Sturgis Buffalo Chip

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The world’s largest motorcycle and music festival is now offering even more money-saving options at The Best Party Anywhere! For those who would like to attend, but are unable to stay for the full duration of a 14-, nine- or seven-day pass, three-day passes provide an affordable way to take in multiple days of the festival. The campground passes include tent camping and access to all events, concerts and races within the Sturgis Buffalo Chip Campground for the specified dates.

New three-day upgrades offer a variety of multiple days of amenities to guests including penthouse level concert viewing at the Top Shelf Lounge, VIP pit access, VIP stage seating, possible main stage entertainer meet and greets, snacks, beverages and more.

Click here for more information on the new three-day Top Shelf VIP Package: www.buffalochip.com/RESERVATIONS/Rally-VIP-Camping-Passes/Top-Shelf-Lounge

Click here for more information on the three-day Fan VIP Packages: www.buffalochip.com/RESERVATIONS/Rally-VIP-Camping-Passes/Fans-VIP-Upgrades

Prices will never be lower and those anticipating attending the concerts, races, crazy contests, bike shows and more at the Buffalo Chip in 2018 are encouraged to purchase passes before the next tier prices take effect. Multi-day passes have historically been a great value, and the three-day passes are no exception.

“We are always looking for ways to offer guests the best time of their lives at a great value,” said Rod Woodruff, Sturgis Buffalo Chip President. “The new three-day passes give those who can’t take more time from work or family the opportunity to save some money, and the VIP packages offer a truly unique rock star experience at the Buffalo Chip. It’s not everyday you have the chance to meet Kid Rock and Eric Church!”

Project Patriot Bikes

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Project Patriot Bikes (PPB) is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Charitable program designed to garner patriotism using motorcycles as an artist uses canvas.

What better way to show our gratitude to those that have served our country than to use an icon of freedom. The motorcycle, since its inception, has always been viewed as representing a free spirit. It doesn’t matter if you have ridden a motorcycle or not. The motorcycle is symbolic of the freedom to travel, to see the country in a different light. The freedom of the open road, with the wind in your face is an example of the constant changing fragrances of mother nature. Project Patriot Bikes chose this canvas as the foundation of its memorial to our Veterans, past, present and future.

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It’s the middle of January in a new year. This is the time to center on our goals for this year and make a move.

There’s so much discussion going around about our industry, but much of the problem goes way beyond it. Did you know that Al Gore’s films has been aired in front of school children. In England it was stopped because of the fear is caused in kids.

I watched his first film and was impressed, but my concern has always been for motorcycling and riding free, so I questioned him. So much of his film is unfortunately lies. What’s worse is his policies will kill people and mostly poor people. Did you know Global Warming stopped in 2001. Did you know that temperatures rise first, then CO2 levels. Did you know CO2 levels are not a bad thing and were much higher thousands of years ago.

That’s just the tip of the bullshit iceberg that’s hurting so many of our industries including motorcycling. Let’s do something about it. Here’s a quote from Roy Spencer’s (NASA Scientist) “Global Warming Blunder:”

In my first book, Climate Confusion, I provided some qualitative reasons why I thought the climate models are wrong. But we have learned much more since that book was published in early 2008. We have uncovered scientific evidence that strongly suggest the fears of man-made global warming are unfounded. While scientists like NASA’s James Hansen and politicians like former Vice President Al Gore are increasingly warning us that we must act now to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, the latest science is turning in the opposite direction.

Even though global temperatures have not risen in at least seven years, we are being told that the climate is changing faster than expected…

I’ll let you check out his books. He points out that science is the study of all factors good and bad, It’s does not stop at one assumption. What the hell do I know. I’m just a grubby biker. I won’t ever give up trying to keep us riding free.


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HL Billet Axle Covers

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Heartland USA known for their stylish rear fender conversion for Softail and Dyna Models. Have been quick to move forward on the 2018 Softail Harley-Davidson line up.

Heartland USA has announced a new front axle covers for all 9 of the New 2018 Softail models. As standard for Heartland USA, it’s a Simple design that has great function. No Company Logo’s to interrupt the look of your bike. Just simple and clean.

These axle covers are easy to install. No special tools required. The covers install using a threaded rod through the hollow stock axle to attach the right and the left covers together. In fact, no Tools needed. Just tighten with your hands and your all done. Looking good in no time at all.

Made from Solid Billet Aluminum and Finished in Chrome, Satin Chrome and Gloss Black.
A nice addition to any bike.

The HL Billet Axle Covers Retail for $99.00. More at www.heartlandbiker.com


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Just a long month before Bikefest I rode our 5-Ball Factory Racer into Vegas on a screaming 115 degree day after a couple of long harried days on the road from Sturgis. I needed a stiff whiskey bad.

We encountered breakdowns, not with the bikes, one a Shovelhead, but with our trailer. This was something out of the Twilight Zone as we stood in the blistering desert. I said something about Plan B and we kept moving. My grandson and I switched off riding and driving the van.

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Kuryakyn’s Hypercharger Gets An Upgrade For 2018 Softails

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Kuryakyn’s Hypercharger ES, the latest chapter in the near 30-year history of the iconic air cleaner, is now available for the entire 2018 Harley-Davidson Softail lineup.

The Hypercharger ES’ state-of-the-art electronic throttle response butterflies eliminate vacuum-triggered fluttering. An integrated servo motor syncs with the coil to actuate and open the butterflies for smooth, precise movement with every twist of the throttle. Air delivery is maximized through the Kuryakyn-designed high-flow K&N filter featuring a larger surface area compared to the original Hypercharger. The larger filter element offers approximately 10% more airflow, improved CFM rating, and utilizes a unique end cap with internal stinger design that directs concentrated airflow into the throttle body.

Performance: Third-party dyno testing performed by St. Croix Harley-Davidson (New Richmond, Wis.) resulted in added horsepower and more than six additional ft. lbs. of torque throughout the power band on a stock 114ci Milwaukee-Eight Heritage Softail. Previous dyno testing performed on a stock 107ci Milwaukee-Eight Street Glide by Those Dyno Guys (Zimmerman, Minn.) produced an 8.5-percent increase in horsepower and 3-percent more torque.

Custom Options: The Hypercharger ES’ modern muscle car-inspired A380 aluminum housing is offered in three finish options. The modular housing allows for easy customization with available Classic Faceplate Kits (sold separately), featuring a fluted design that completely alters the style in minutes.

Additional fitments for Milwaukee-Eight Touring and Twin Cam Dyna, Softail and Touring models are also available, with Sportster applications coming soon. For more information, visit www.kuryakyn.com/hyper.