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Evel Knievel’s Terrifying Failed Jump to be Attempted at Sturgis Buffalo Chip

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Evel’s® broken bones X-rays, skycycle rocket, jump bikes and other curiosities will be part of Evel Knievel Thrill Show


edThe name Evel Knievel is synonymous with daredevil. He was the undisputed king of stunt showmanship–the man who made motorcycles fly. He enthralled audiences with his nonchalance as he faced death-defying exploits that left him with a record-breaking number of fractured or crushed bones, a permanent limp and the adoration of millions. This August, the spirit of Knievel® will come to life at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip in a spectacular thrill show unlike any organized before. The Evel Knievel Thrill Show will consist of the largest collection of Evel Knievel curiosities ever assembled, including the Skycycle, x-rays of his numerous broken bones, the now famous “Sports Illustrated” leathers and cape, and the Mack truck show-rig he named “Big Red.” The Thrill Show will also include a dangerous attempt at an unsuccessful Evel Knievel world-record jump on the same bike that failed Evel and ultimately lead to his defeat. On Aug. 6, 2015, daredevil Doug Danger will attempt a 22-car jump on Evel Knievel’s vintage 1972 Harley-Davidson XR-750 in the middle of the Sturgis Buffalo Chip amphitheater.

Knievel attempted a jump over a line of 22 cars on September 1, 1972 in Monroe, Washington. His crew warned that the bike would not attain the speed needed to clear the distance, but because Knievel insisted on doing the jump, they built a safety ramp over the last three cars. Knievel bounce-landed on the safety ramp and left defeated. More than 40 years later, Doug Danger is set to attempt the same jump on Knievel’s own bike and clear the 22nd car. Knievel’s bike has not been altered with the exception of moving a foot peg to accommodate Danger’s height. Another daredevil attempted this jump in 2001, and it ended in a horrific crash.

This is an incredibly difficult and terrifying jump,” said Buffalo Chip President Rod Woodruff. “We are doing all we can to make sure Doug Danger lands safely, but that bike was not built for a jump like this. We really hope he can make it.”

This is the one jump Evel couldn’t make; he failed. I’m determined to succeed where he fell short,” Danger said. “I know it’s dangerous, but death has had me by the throat twice in my life, and I spit in its face. When God’s ready, he’ll take me.

The Evel Knievel Thrill Show curiosities will be located in the CrossRoads area at the Buffalo Chip July 31 – Aug. 8, entrance fee, paid in advance, is only $10. Doug Danger will attempt the record-breaking jump on Knievel’s XR-750 in the Buffalo Chip amphitheater on Thursday, Aug. 6. Campground day passes for Thursday will be available beginning Tuesday, Jan. 6 at 5pm at BuffaloChip.com or by calling the Buffalo Chip box office at 605-347-9000.

Keith R. Ball Receives Award from MRF – Motorcycle Riders Foundation

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unnamedKeith R. Ball, the Boss of Bikernet.com, one of the V-Twin industry’s very old players was recently recognized by the Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF) and given the 2014 Award of Excellence in Communication to the Aftermarket. Ball has been a member of the organization since the inception of Bikernet.com, 19 years ago.

The Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF), incorporated in 1987, is membership-based national motorcyclists’ rights organization headquartered in Washington, D.C. The MRF monitors and when necessary, attempts to sway federal legislation and regulatory action pertaining to street riders. The MRF concerns itself with what is going on in the arena of motorcycling safety education, training, licensing, and public awareness. The MRF provides members and state motorcyclists’ rights organizations with direction and information to protect motorcyclists’ rights and motorcycling. Their motto, “We’re in the Freedom Business,” underscores the hands-on work the group does on behalf of America’s motorcycle riders in Washington DC.

Ball’s contribution towards the MRF cause has been through constant communication to the V-Twin industry and engaged riding enthusiasts through his highly respected Bikernet.com, the industry’s first comprehensive online community serving American Bikers and the V-twin industry. His constant updates and calls for action from the industry and enthusiasts has helped stop bad regulations and laws impeding biker freedom.

Ball said, “The MRF does a helluva job. If we, as American bikers don’t take a stand, we’ll get run over. With everyone’s help, the MRF message is heard and ultimately we keep riding. My efforts are a small price to pay for my riding freedom, but I appreciate this recognition from the MRF, and encourage everyone to participate in protecting rider’s rights. Join the MRF or your local motorcycle rights group, today!”

To Contact Keith Ball, write to info@bikernet.com, or go to www.bikernet.com
For more information about the Motorcycle Rider Foundation (MRF), go to www.mrf.org.

"cutaway" BSA Gold Star Goes To Auction

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motorized-cutaway-1956-bsa-gold-star-cluman-auction-3A 60-year-old, fully-functioning “cutaway” BSA Gold Star motorcycle looks set to become one of the stars of the coming auction season for collectible motorcycles, which gets underway in Las Vegas in the first week of January.

Built by BSA for the 1956 Earls Court Motorcycle Show in London, the “living art” exhibit began with a 1956 BSA B34 Gold Star Clubman motorcycle, which was then fully sectioned and motorized to show drivetrain function, including the movements of the piston, crankshaft, clutch and valves.

Static sectioned parts include the petrol tank, the oil tank, the toolbox, gearbox and front fork legs – even the Lucas horn! Brakes are also sectioned and the rear suspension damper bodies are reproduced in clear Lucite to show the flow of their oil supply when working.

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Old School Stunt Riding Team Still Has Chops

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The Seattle Cossacks is a group of precision stunt riders that harken back to the days of stunt riding drill teams from the ’30s and ’40s. Obviously not the original Cossacks that formed back in 1938, but an updated version of them featuring several descendants of the early group does exist. Today’s Seattle Cossacks deliver the same kind of exhilarating performances as their forbearers.

The dedicated team drill regularly to keep up to snuff on the difficult stunts they perform 20 to 30 times a year at various charity events, world fairs and sanctioned Harley gatherings. They do it as much for entertaining the crowds as for promoting motorcycling in a positive light.

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Gearing Up For A Very Big Sturgis 75th Motorcycle Rally

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From The Rapid City Journal.

Even with estimates that nearly 1 million visitors may come to the 75th anniversary Sturgis motorcycle rally this summer, Brenda Vasknetz says she is more excited than scared about the avalanche of cycle enthusiasts.

Vasknetz, director of the annual rally, says the celebration of the 75th rally could signal a transition to a new audience for the “granddaddy of em’ all.”

Why are people so excited for the 75th rally?

“When you reflect on any anniversary year, people get sentimental,” Vasknetz said. “They want to say they were here for the 75th. There’s nothing really amazing that is going to make it different, other than that it is an anniversary year.”

Vasknetz has heard from some attendees that they haven’t come to Sturgis for the last several years in order to stockpile funds for the 75th biker bash.

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Australian MC Club Update

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The Vicious Lawless Association Disestablishment (VLAD) Act. By Eva Cripps from Bike Me.


IntrBN1oduction: On 16 October, 2014, the Liberal National Party dominated state of Queensland’s parliament passed three pieces of bikie-related legislation, including the bill that would become the Vicious Lawless Association Disestablishment (VLAD) Act. Under the VLAD Act, a “vicious lawless associate” found guilty of any criminal offence listed in the legislation, from the smallest drug possession charge up, would serve a mandatory prison term of up to 25 years on top of their sentence. The Tattoo Parlours Act bans members of criminal associations and their associates from operating, working in or owning tattoo parlours. The Criminal Law (Criminal Organisations Disruption) Amendment Act amends various pieces of legislation to label 26 motorcycle clubs as criminal organisations and ban their members from congregating in groups of more than three or meeting at their clubhouses. The Queensland government would go on to establish a “bikies only” prison, where inmates may be dressed in fluoro pink overalls.

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Harley-Davidson Recalls ’12 Dynas & Softails

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6330Harley-Davidson is recalling 19,000 2012 Dyna and Softail motorcycles, citing that the threads for the brake line banjo bolt in the front brake master cylinder may corrode. If the threads corrode, a sudden loss of brake fluid could result, causing a loss of the front brakes.

Models affected are the 2012 FXST103, FLSTC, FLSTC103, FLSTF, FLSTF103, FXDL, FXDWG, FXDWG103, FXDC, FXDB, FLSTN, FLSTN103, FLSTC103 Shrine, FLSTFB, FLSTFB103, FXS, FXS103, FLS, FLS103, FLD, FLD103, and FXDF and FXDF103 motorcycles manufactured from Aug. 22, 2011, through Feb. 24, 2012, for the United States and some world markets. This totals 19,015 units, Harley-Davidson told NHTSA.

The NHTSA recall campaign number is 14V794000.

Dealers are asked to flush and inspect the front brake master cylinder and, if necessary, replace the master cylinder. The recall is expected to begin Jan. 14.

“We have voluntarily declared this a defect related to motor vehicle safety (Campaign 0163 for the Softail model and Dyna model motorcycles and 0164 for the FXDF/FXDF103 model motorcycles) to allow us to formally recall all affected motorcycles. Two recalls are needed to cover all affected models because of the differences in the kit component content required for the two populations,” the Motor Co. informed dealers.

“Based on warranty information, the prediction for motorcycles requiring master cylinder replacements is extremely low,” Harley-Davidson said in its notification to dealers.

Dealers are permitted to sell but must not deliver any of the affected motorcycles until the remedy is complete, the OEM added.