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V-Twin Expo Live — Saddlemen Seats

By February 7, 2016General Posts


IMG_9827Saddlemen acquired Phantom Pad about a year ago and since then they’ve put effort into developing designs for the pads that are complimentary with the styling of Saddleman’s solo seats. There are many patterns and styles to choose from.
Also offered is a new line of replacement seats for the H-D 750 Street and 500 in a nice variety of styles. Like all of Saddlemen’s seats, these have gel incorporated into the construction, a feature that’s even more important – and more effective – on slimmer seats. Foam needs a lot of thickness to cushion but gel does not, acting as liquid or air would do to distribute and equalize the rider’s weight over a larger area. Gel is also a shock absorber further increasing ride comfort.
You may not notice this when you first sit on a Saddlemen seat but you will after the ride. As company owner Tom Seymour says, “It’s comfort you notice when you get off the bike, at the end of the ride. And you feel good!”
Saddlemen is also starting a demo program to allow with their dealers, allowing riders to try a seat before they buy.
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