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Tucker Powersports Partners with Monsters of the South

By November 9, 2020General Posts

Monsters of the South, the noted UTV customizer and event producer, will support Tucker Powersports strategy to expand product portfolio within Tucker’s DragonFire Racing and QuadBoss brands to support the connection with passionate consumers

November 9, 2020 – Fort Worth TX – DragonFire Racing and QuadBoss today announced a broad, multi-level partnership with Monsters of the South (MOTS), one of the country’s largest UTV (utility task vehicle or side by side) event promoters and the nation’s top UTV customizer. The multi-year agreement brings the three industry-leading organizations together for product development, testing and events.

“The knowledge and experience these guys bring to the table are a resource we’ve never had at QuadBoss,” said Justin Lasater, brand manager of QuadBoss. “I can’t wait to hit the ground running with the ideas they’ve already shared. The MOTS team are true innovators and we will lean heavily on their forward thinking.”

“This is a partnership between three companies with a passion for power sports,” said Brandon Fox with Monsters of the South. “Merging their talent for creating and delivering great products with our connection to consumers and our eye for innovation is a huge win for us and for the industry. I’m honored to be part of this team. Get ready world, we’re excited and we’re comin’ to a town near you!”

Monsters of the South was founded in 2015 as a customizer of UTV’s and became known across the country for its over-the-top, custom designs. The organization grew to be one of the largest and most respected companies in the UTV industry. While their event roots run deep in the mudholes of the south, they are expanding into racing, performance and sand events around the country in 2021.

“The strategic vision for QuadBoss and DragonFire Racing is expansion through consumer-led innovation,” said Kyle Frederick, brand manager for DragonFire Racing. “That requires us to get our hands dirty on product innovation and Monsters of the South helps us do that both literally and figuratively.”

The relationship officially kicks off today and solidifies years of mutual awareness and respect that the three companies have for one another. The first products that are a result of the partnership will launch in early 2021.