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1938 Harley-Davidson Knucklehead Runs Like New

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by Daniel Patrascu from

Harley-Davidson has had a rough patch these past few years, and 2020 was the coronation of its problems, a time when it lost its CEO, a factory overseas, and gave up on its direct involvement in the NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle series.

Earlier this week, the Milwaukee-based company announced a plan for the next five years to turn things around, taking baby steps to make some profit, expand some segments, and reward its workforce. There’s even talk of getting back the public love, although given how not that many new models are planned for the next five years, it’s hard to tell how it could happen.

And that’s a shame because, after all, it was public love that kept the company afloat during the Depression years, right alongside Indian. Public love and the technological gambles the bike maker was not afraid of making.

Like taking the Flathead-engined VL motorcycle off the market in 1936, before the economic hardship was even over, and replacing it with what came to be known as the Knucklehead. It stayed in production for a little over a decade, right through the war years, and then the Panhead came along and kicked it away.

But that decade was enough for the Knucklehead to impress Americans and give birth to an army of followers that are still devoted to it to this day. Followers who keep restoring and then selling them to others who are alike.

One particularly fancy Knucklehead is going under the hammer in April, during the Mecum motorcycle auction in Las Vegas. The pre-war model, made in 1938, was the subject of restoration work that got it back in shape, so much so that the 61ci (1.0-liter) engine that gives it its name still spins the wheels. It has done so for the past 148 miles (238 km), since it left the garage where it was cared for.

Rebirth of a Shovelhead, Part III

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Prepping for the Charlotte ER Show
By Stealth with photos by the magnificent Vicki

The magnificent Stealth wrote this one week before the wild Easyriders Bike Show in Charlotte, NC. This show was always one of the best in the Easyriders annual series of shows. It consistently brought out the best in customs from the Easter seaboard. Mike faced stiff competition and a dire deadline to finish this restoration on time. Hang on!

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Support Bonneville Salt Flats restoration

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Utah Appropriations Committee urgently needs push to support Bonneville Salt Flats restoration

Your email support is critically important

As part of its work with SEMA, the Save the Salt Coalition and the Utah Alliance, the AMA recently asked Utah residents to contact their state legislators to ask for their support for a program to restore the Bonneville Salt Flats.

The race track at Bonneville-once 13 miles long-is now less than 8 miles, due to salt erosion. The Utah legislature is considering a 10-year program to dramatically increase the amount of salt pumped onto Bonneville.

As a result of input like yours, the Utah Natural Resources Appropriations Subcommittee has ranked our “Restore Bonneville” budget request No. 4 of 28 budget requests. If it keeps this ranking, Utah’s Restore Bonneville program should be funded in the state budget that will be up for approval in mid-March. The program will dramatically increase the volume of salt being pumped onto Bonneville Salt Flats each year.

We are not finished. Using a Bonneville analogy, we’ve just entered the timing lights for a land speed record. Now the hardest part: the budget requests must still be approved by a second group, the Utah legislature’s Executive Appropriations Committee, which could change the rankings.

Your very important task now is to contact the Utah Executive Appropriation Committee members right away. Please send a personalized email to all the members of the committee now. Their decision will determine if the restoration program gets funded.

Follow this link Take Action to enter your information, and edit our prewritten message to express your personal stance and reasons for supporting this funding.

The prewritten email can stand on its own as written, but it will be MUCH more effective if you edit both the subject line and the content to stress your involvement with the Bonneville Salt Flats. If you are a land speed racer and/or Utah resident, please put that in your subject line and first line of your email. Whether you are a racer, on-site spectator or fan, please add a few sentences describing the importance of Bonneville Salt Flats to you, your family or your business.

Thank you in advance for providing comments. Please forward this alert to any of your Bonneville Salt Flats racer or fan friends and ask them to do so, as well. If you do send a letter, please forward a copy to us at

Now more than ever, it is crucial that you and your riding friends become members of the AMA to help protect our riding freedoms. More members mean more clout against the opponents of motorcycling. That support will help fight for your rights-on the road, trail and racetrack and in the halls of government.

Join the AMA at

If you are an AMA member, encourage your friends to join by telling them about the many AMA benefits you appreciate and the role the AMA plays in promoting the motorcycle lifestyle and protecting the future of motorcycling.