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JJ Solari

Lou Kimzey: the Original Editor/Publisher of Easyriders Magazine

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Lou Kimzey on the bike Bandit built for him

By J.J. Solari with photos by Kim Peterson and Pete Chiodo

Bandit worked with the guy every day. In fact, he was hired by the guy. Basically sight unseen, just from an inquiry Bandit made on the phone about a motorcycle he built that the new rag might want to take pictures of. Kimzey said “You want a job here?”

As Bandit very interestingly put it – his apparently “mystical” abilities to successfully defy the publishing industry AND to be immune to published criticism by them.

But they all knew he was there.

In fact, I am prepared to say that Lou Kimzey is in a club with only two people in it: “The Club of Editors Who Advanced America.” The other is John W. Campbell.

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Pandemic defense update from J J Solari

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The mall near where I live, and which has a bowling alley emporium has declared that at least until further notice customers may actually eat food in the “food court.” Which is where you get-and-eat food to eat in the food court, but which has been forbidden-behavior for nearly a year and a half in the interests of safety.

– J J Solari

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J J Solari Steps into the Climate Ring

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The guy in the unintentional Monty Python imitation video is Alok Sharma – the chairman of something or other called the UN COP23.

He is not actually giving you any actual information. He is just making assertions. He might as well be saying “Inanimate Lives Matter.” I will demonstrate.

– J J Solari

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Meet the New H-D CEO with J J Solari

By General Posts

Jochen Zeitz, the newest CEO of Harley-Davidson
profiled by J.J. Solari

When I read the Wikipedia entry on Jochen Zeitz, the new CEO of Harley-Davidson, up until then only Jesus of Nazareth held in my mind the Golden Humanity Award and the “Awesome-And-Yet-One-Of-Us” trophy for Entity Excellence.

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Sam’s Pick of the Week for 12-Apr-2021

By General Posts

New Report by JJ Solari

Editors Note by Keith Ball: I can’t explain it. Generally, we publish Sam’s Picks of the Week with a report about my evil past, or with notions of biker romance and the metalflake experience. But J.J.’s recent findings far outweigh the last time I met a redhead in a bar. However, as you go through your day hanging with brothers, buying motorcycle parts or riding in the wind, you will notice that all seems sorta normal. That’s because you are a biker and completely immune. Riding free works!

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JJ Solari reviews Joe Biden’s Infrastructure Plans

By General Posts

Joe Biden’s Infrastructure Plans to to create more mobilized outhouses via Amtrak.

Plus more Municipal hobo-transport rolling toilets called Buses.

by JJ Solari

If you’ve ever looked forward to leaving your car in the garage and bicycling to your local Amtrak yard to board a train filled with deranged wandering resurrected-dead from the planet Zarkon….you are in luck, moe-foe Lose-a-Relative Joe is gonna make all your dreams of
tuberculosis and probably ebola come true.

You can give C-19 a big hug of welcome compared to what Rolling-Toilet Joe has planned for you. You won’t need facemasks on Biden Transport, you will need flamethrowers to kill the microbes, bacteria, viruses, insects, vermin, chiggers,fleas, leeches and subterranean fecal matter from the undead that you are going to be harboring on you and in you for the rest of your life.

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