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Standing Tall Thursday News For February 20, 2014

By February 21, 2014General Posts




The World Is Upside Down Thursday News

Hey, I’m reading State of Fear by Michael Crichton. Did you know that most of the major scientist in Australia don’t believe in global warming. They think our weather patterns change from time to time and man has little impact.

Some say that one volcano eruption will produce more greenhouse gases than all the cars on the planet. So, should we torture our businesses, car manufacturers, lawn mower makers, bike shops? Why can’t we find balance? Is it all about control or money? Can the government even control the agencies they create?

So, what’s a poor biker boy to do. I like the quote recently about regulations forcing us to become outlaws. Like one day you’re just riding down the street minding your own business. The next, they pass a helmet law, muffler law, anti-tampering law, and a law against patches. The next day, you are a full-on outlaw. Well, I’m not turning myself in. Let’s read the news and party. WTF?

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