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V-Twin Expo Live — S&S Cycle Announces New Exhaust Facility And Products

By February 6, 2016General Posts

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Who has the right to tout their motorcycling roots better than S&S? Nobody! Their new booth at the V-Twin show does just that!. Decorated with vintage imagery of founder George Smith and furnishings that harken back to S&S’s early years, it’s a place to feel comfortable and start planning your own personal motorcycle history – with a performance orientation, naturally.
SS 01Product-wise, the S&S T-143 engine is still big news and they’ve just introduced an Indian airfilter. Bigger yet, in every way, is the 4 ½” version of the S&S Powertune exhaust system, launching today! “Not that there needed to be anther exhaust manufacturer in the industry, but there needed to be one that added performance,” said the rep we talked with. Point taken! S&S IS the performance company in the V-Twin realm. And we’re told it’s not phantom power, either, but real horsepower, real gains.
In fact, S&S is quietly but boldly kickstarting their presence in the exhaust market by commencing production at a separate exhaust manufacturing facility in Lacrosse, WI, this March. Watch for more news about this!

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