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Rivera/Primo HedLED Headlight System

By January 20, 2014General Posts




At Last, a Turn Signal System in Headlights for Custom Bikes

By Bandit, Ben Kudon, and Richard Kranzler with photos by Wrench

I’ve known Ben Kudon, the general manager of Rivera/Primo for over 20 years, and no one knows Rivera Primo products like Ben. He won’t hesitate to let you know his level of expertise. Unfortunately, when the RP team developed these cool lighting systems, I was forced to ask Ben about them. Here’s his initial response: “Our integral LED turn signals built into a series of stylish billet headlight buckets have become an industry phenomenon. They are popular with bikers and hot rod enthusiasts alike. The HeadLED Headlights are sanitary, cosmetically badass, and they work great!”

No problem, right? I received one and started to look around for a test bike to install it on. I needed a custom, and Ben was correct, they are badass, and answer multiple questions for the new custom builder. No one wants to run bulky turn signals.