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Bikernet Trikes recently got to sit behind a beautiful Champion Conversion Harley Dyna Trike at Westminster Harley in Westminster Ca. After years of fine-tuning his very first windshield in his garage, the legend began over 20 years ago.  WindVest grew into many lines with its line of Wide Body performance windscreens for Harley-Davidson and metric cruisers and is s till a family run business here in California.READ FULL STORY

Bill Prohibiting Motorcycle-Only Traffic Checkpoints Advances

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Legislation sponsored by Senators Jeff Van Drew and Donald Norcross to prohibit vehicle checkpoints that are limited to motorcycles was approved Dec. 17 by the Senate Transportation Committee.

The bill (S-1685) is in response to a program states are being encouraged to implement which would establish checkpoints where motorcycle drivers are subject to an equipment and paperwork check. The measure would prohibit law enforcement agencies from conducting a roadside checkpoint or other systematic inspection of vehicles along public roads, streets, and highways if it is established for the sole purpose of inspecting vehicles. Those conducted for legitimate public safety reasons would not be restricted.

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Led Indicator Harness For Harley-Davidson Battery Tender

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A new Battery Charging Harness with LED Charge Indicator (P/N 66000005, $14.95) from Harley-Davidson® Genuine Motor Accessories® features an integrated red LED that flashes when battery voltage drops to a level that requires charging. Ring terminals connect the motorcycle battery to the harness, which can then be routed for clear visibility and easy access. A three-prong plug connects the harness to any Harley-Davidson Battery Tender® charger. The harness features an in-line 7.5 amp fuse and a weather-shield cap for the plug.