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On Any Sunday 2 Is Coming

By May 14, 2014General Posts

On Any Sunday is a film that the majority of motorcycle enthusiasts view as inspiration; a touchstone to all that’s great about going on two wheels. Whether you’re into dirtbikes, sportbikes, drag racing, road racing, dirt track or cruising around on a chopper, the original movie by Bruce Brown probably made you dream of owning a motorcycle and letting it all out in the sun, in the rain or in the mud.

In 1971, film-maker Bruce Brown released a documentary that was to change the way the world looked at motorcycles and motorcycle racers.

‘On Any Sunday’ did for motorcycle culture what his seminal movie ‘The Endless Summer’ (1966) did for the burgeoning Sixties surf scene: it took a personal, behind-the-scenes look at the men and machines who race motorbikes at the weekend, sharing their passion for the sport.

Now it’s time for the next chapter. This time, Bruce’s son, acclaimed filmmaker Dana Brown (‘Step into Liquid’, ‘Dust to Glory’) follows in his father’s tracks to bring us a modern take on the original film, capturing the people who ride motorbikes into all terrains and what the journey means to them.

For Dana Brown, the chance to tread the same ground as his father, but with modern technology was too good a chance to miss. “The heart, soul and passion has not changed, but the level of performance and the technology to convey that certainly has,” said Dana Brown.

“Seeing it all come full circle is an incredibly rewarding experience. It’s shaping up to be one of the strongest films I’ve ever done and I am excited to share a glimpse of the film now.”

On Any Sunday: The Next Chapter is released in the autumn. Meanwhile, visit the dedicated site where you can find in-depth information, meet the cast and crew, join the online community – and be inspired to get out and ride.