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V-Twin Expo News From JIMS

By February 9, 2016General Posts


Jim is pictured here with Steve Fisk.

Then we asked Jim Thiessen, the Jim behind JIMS, what was new from the company this year, he swept his arm across the booth counter and said, “All of this!” That’s because they never rest at JIMS, bringing new products to motor builders, shop techs and every shade tree tinkerer to make life in the garage easier and just plain better.
Among the new items are: a Remote Fuel Supply for fuel injected motorcycles; a Late Model Neck Bearing Tool, a Late Model Compensator Bolt Torx Socket; and two XL items: a Primary Lock Bar and Sprocket Nut Socket. More details to come on these and other fine shop tools from JIMS.

It was both impressive and reassuring to note that JIMS recently received ISO Certification, a testimony to the firm’s standards of quality. ISO certification means that as a company, JIMS has implemented the procedures and processes required to ensure that the products they make are safe, reliable and of consistent character. Congratulations to JIMS!