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Motorcycle Revival Cyber Show & Rally from Cycle Source

By April 3, 2020General Posts

Be there, be there, be there…


A live video broadcast over multiple social media channels on Saturday, April 11th. Primarily the Cyber Rally is a way to give the motorcycle community a break from the current events. What it will be is a virtual motorcycle show and rally the likes of which has not been tried before. With our Emcee Jack Schit, we will visit all aspects of what people have come to enjoy at the large motorcycle rallies around the country. Through a live video conference environment, we will bring all the entertainers, bike show participants, exhibitors, etc. in five to ten-minute increments throughout the day. There is no cost, no hidden agenda except for the ability to keeps our community focused on what makes this lifestyle cool. That and a small component where we will have a virtual tip jar for all the entertainers and rally workers who have been displaced by this situation. At the end of the Cyber Rally, we will split up any revenue collected for that purpose among the participants.



With this happening so fast, we are building it on the fly, so feel free to toss us your ideas. Below are some levels of participation we have outlined, but maybe we have missed something.


Sponsorship: We are only doing a few small sponsorship opportunities that we may have some extra money for the people in the office, making all this work. With a typical potential reach of 3.5 million each week when we go live with ShopTalk, we can only imagine that this number will be well over ten times that weekly reach.


Small Logo Sponsorship – Just Carry The Feed: Small logo on the bottom of the ad that is circulating, logo included on the landing page of sponsors for the Cyber Show & Rally.


Bike Show Prize Sponsor: We are asking that Bike Show Prize Sponsors provide a minimum of ten gift certificates or promo codes that can be added to our winners “prize bags.” These can and should be a small value to encourage people to come back to your site and spend a few bucks. EX: If you sell T-shirts, $5 gift certificates, if you sell wheels or sheet metal $25 gift certificates, etc. We are also happy to have large single prize items for a single class like Denver’s Choppers New Chrome Springer that will be awarded for Best In Show.

Random Give-A-Way Prizes: Throughout the day Jack Schit, our Emcee, will be asking people to type a phrase in the comments to have a chance at some free prizes. Shops like Hot Leathers are giving Flannel Shirts away, some are giving T-Shirts etc. We ask that you provide a minimum of five items available for these slots. We will capture the winner’s names and addresses and send the list to you.


Large Logo Sponsor – $100: Large logo on the bottom of the ad that is circulating, logo included in the logo roll that will play for the four to five-hour show.


Segment Sponsorship – $200: If you have a great idea or would like to underwrite one of ours and have it presented by your company, this is the one for you. Example Segments so far “Burnout Contest” Wet T-Shirt Contest” Stroll Through Vendors Row” “Barmaids Choice” “Tattoo Contest” “Grease & Gears Garage Live.”


Video Commercial (Limited Spaces Available) – $500: This can be a 30 second to two-minute video commercial for your company. There will be a minimal amount of these throughout the day of the show.


Presenting Sponsor (Only One) $2,000: This will be featured at the top of the ad circulating as the presenting Sponsor mentioned throughout the show with a single large logo during announcements.

VENDORS/CRAFTSMEN: Ok, so we have an idea for this. Typical vendor interaction might not be as easy in this format, but we can stop by and watch if you happen to be a pinstriped, leather crafter, etc. If you sell shirts, maybe we can stop by your booth to see what specials you have for the day (You must set up a booth to look like we are at the show) Custom Bikes for parts guys can be set up like the shirt vendors.

**Not suitable for Attorney, Insurance or Service Companies, please see sponsorship opportunities**


ENTERTAINERS: You must have the ability to do a live show from your location. If you have something cool to offer this event, please contact us to work out a performance schedule.


For more information up to the minute, please visit


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