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Midnight Rider: A Good Day to Die

By April 11, 2014General Posts


Episode 1: The Shapeshifters

Its cold, it’s late, actually it’s early, 3am in the morning. I’m pushing a thousand mile day to make the Roadway Inn, Pocatello Idaho 160 miles away. When you ride a motorcycle for 22 hours there are certain things you always do, and several you never do. Always carry extra gas, carry food and water easily accessible while riding. Something I never do, I did at the last gas stop, I had a few beers. The lure of a crisp cold brew was just too enticing, let alone a flirtatious redheaded bartender. Yeah, it takes the edge off but it’s the edge you need to survive riding the dead dark of a moonless night. Fear becomes your best friend as the cold concrete grinds mercilessly below you. READ FULL STORY