Meeting of the Minds Deadline is Approaching – Join Us in Minnesota

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Deadlines… We’ve all got them and when they’re missed, there’s usually hell to pay. To help you avoid having to pay hell, pay extra, or miss the deadline altogether, here are a couple of deadlines you need to make:

The 35th Annual Meeting of the Minds Conference is coming together as well as any smooth-running machine. We don’t want you to miss it as we Honor the Past, Protect the Future and live up to meeting and exceeding the expectations of motorcyclists’ rights advocates from across the country.

You have until August 23rd to take advantage of the MOTM pre-registration price of $80.00 for MRF members or $90.00 for non-MRF members. After August 23rd, the event registration fee goes to $90.00 for members and $100.00 for non-members. And you’re not just getting a receipt for your efforts… The 35th Annual Meeting of the Minds Conference attendees get…

  • A dozen topical workshops to choose from!
  • General sessions loaded with up-to-date information!
  • Enough take-home material that you’ll need an extra carry-on!
  • A banquet and ceremony that will make an event for the record books!
  • And… if that isn’t enough, attendees get to meet and re-acquaint themselves with a host of rights advocates and old friends.

So, don’t pay hell, meet the deadline and get registered for the 35th Annual Meeting of the Minds Conference in Bloomington Minnesota September 19th-22nd. And while you’re at it…

The deadline to get the nightly room rate of $115.00 at the MOTM Conference hotel is September 4th. After that, you may be at the mercy of the availability of rooms and there may not be many available. So, one more time… don’t pay hell, meet the deadline and get registered for the 35th Annual Meeting of the Minds Conference and get your hotel room. While it’s on your mind, call (952) 854-9000 and tell them you’re with the MRF.

Registration link here 

Thanks and I look forward to seeing you in September at the Crowne Plaza Aire Hotel in Bloomington, Minnesota, for the 35th Annual Meeting of the Minds Conference!!!

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