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Lat Adds New High Performance Break-In Oil

By February 8, 2013General Posts


With the recent release of 5W -30, LAT now offers a comprehensive selection of highly sophisticated BREAK IN OILS. This new break-in blend addresses issues relating to ring seal failure, extreme stress, and exaggerated wear during initial start up and break in. LAT PRO-BREAK-IN OIL is a light viscosity oil containing pump-up additives, highly refined hydro-cracked base oils and state of the art additive package with high shear stable polymer. This one-of-a-kind mix contains a high zinc content providing excellent ring seal and superior overall engine protection during the all important break-in period. 5W-30 and 20W-50 weights are currently offered by the quart and case while PRO-15 comes by the gallon and 5 gallon pail. Break-In oils are available from LAT dealers worldwide, by calling direct to 888-528-6457 or on line at