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Klock Werks FLARE Windshields for Road Glides

By November 11, 2013General Posts

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The patented FLARE™ Motorcycle Windshield was developed at Klock Werks out of a need for greater stability in order to safely race at high speeds on the Bonneville Salt Flats. The FLARE™ is the ORIGINAL motorcycle windshield of its kind, and has surprised riders everywhere with not only how great it looks, but also with how well it performs. In fact, its superior performance has made Klock Werks a leader in the air-management field. The innovative patented design features “hips” on the outer edges that re-route wind away from the rider while creating additional downforce on the front-end of the motorcycle. This results in a significant improvement in wind deflection and front-end stability at highway speeds versus using a stock type windshield. The “flip” at the top of the FLARE™ is designed to reduce buffeting by kicking the wind up and allowing it to flow back as “clean”, less turbulent air for the rider. Don’t be fooled by imitations! The superior patented design and the highest quality materials are what make the Klock Werks FLARE™ Windshield an ORIGINAL. Please read the information below to help choose the right size for you:

The 8” FLARE™ is the original design used on our WFB (World’s Fastest Bagger). It offers an aggresive sporty appearance, and creates downforce to further enhance the stability of the Road Glide. It is perfect for those accustomed to riding with a short windshield. It offers superior performance over similar sizes, “feels” like riding with a taller shield, and creates clean, less turbulant air for the rider and passenger. Available in Tint, Dark Smoke, Black, Chrome and Black Chrome. Feel the air without the buffeting!!
The 12″ FLARE™ offers the best of both worlds by combining the aggresive sporty look of the shorter 8″ with some of the added performance of the taller 16″ touring version. Generally low enough to see over, but high enough to tour with for many riders. As the best mix of sport and touring, it has become our most popular size for average height riders. Available in Clear, Tint, and Dark Smoke.
The 16″ FLARE™ was designed for long haul touring, for those used to riding with a tall windshield, and for taller than average riders. As the tallest size we offer for Road Glides, it offers the largest pocket of protection from the wind for both rider and passenger while also adding some style. It is recommended for taller riders or those who prefer looking through a windshield. Available in Clear and Tint.
Fit all 1998+ FLTR, FLTRX models – All Road Glide fairings…
Wind tunnel designed and tested, the “hips” provide added downforce while the “flip” directs air over the rider to help eliminate the swirl of air found in front of the rider on standard windshields
Lexan® Polycarbonate with FMR hard coating is used to create these custom-molded designs with unmatched durability.
Pre-drilled for easy mounting using stock windshield hardware.
The Flare Windshields are measured from the center bolt hole to the start of the flip on the top of the windshield.
Harley Davidson radar detectors and GPS systems that are mounted in the recommended fairing mount position will not fit with the 8″ Flare Windshield.
The black, chrome, and black chrome windshields are completely opaque, you cannot see through them.
Made in the U.S.A.
To see more Road Glide Rockin The FLARE – copy and paste this link to your browser!
NOTE: The Klock Werks Flare Windshield will not work in conjunction with the windshield rubber trim that comes factory on 2011 Road Glide CVO models. The Flare Windshield will fit properly on these models with the rubber trim removed.