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The 2019 Handbuilt Show Builder’s Gallery is Officially Live! 

That’s right y’all. Visit the link here and take a look at every bike from this year’s show.

New Revival Daily Featuring J Shia of Madhouse Motors
Revival’s Universal Starter Solenoid Kit is not only the best, but also the ONLY complete kit available in the industry!

It’s compatible with any motorcycle that uses a solenoid independent of the starter motor; this includes most Japanese and European bikes other than Harley Davidsons, Moto Guzzi’s and BMW R/ bikes.

One of our favorite features is the inclusion of a fused circuit that is ideal for the main fuse in an m.Unit install which helps to make for a clean, compact electrical system. Our kit hardware even holds a spare fuse in case you find yourself in a pinch. Grab one now!

Universal Starter Solenoid With Main Fuse
Universal Starter Solenoid With Main Fuse

–Revival Cycles