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Get Screwed

By February 21, 2014General Posts


Keihin Butterfly Adjustment Screws


Is Your Carb Screwed? Let Dave’s Machine Shop Give It What It Needs.

What do ya do with yourself after 30 years in the military? I can think of all kinds of options, one of which would be to spend all day with my feet in the air drinking whiskey and/or chasing women. Or you could decide to do what Dave Young has done. Start a small machine shop turning out all types of one-of-a-kind parts.

Instead of spending nine months a year sailing around the world visiting strange ports and or even stranger back alley bars, Dave is hunched over his lathe, supplying everything from machined stainless steel allen screws for a Keihin carb to brass extended idle screws for the S&S Super E. We had the honor to hold some of his parts and install them on our own 5-Ball Bagger project bike. Personally, I’m glad he decided to stay hunched over his lathe, but I hope he still finds time for a stout bottle of whiskey

Dave, thanks for your service!

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