Evolution of a Custom Motorcycle Builder

He’s been ‘The Dude,’ ’Jungle Jim,’ ’The Main Event,’ and ‘Custom Chucky P’ in his stellar career as a professional wrestler but Chuck Palumbo is fast becoming well known under his real name as a custom motorcycle builder and co star [with Rick Dore] of ‘Rusted Development’- formerly known as ‘Lords Of The Car Hoards.’

The 6-foot 5-inch hulk, a true gentle giant, has worked his way up through the ranks of the WCW, the WWF, and the WWE but pro wrestling, has always been a means to an end for the man (see the WWE story below). Chuck’s eye was always on another prize: owning his own custom bike shop. The bug bit him early when he and his dad wrenched a little rigid mini bike. Chuck was four. His first serious bike build kicked off in 1990.

Before wrestling fame Chuck was a Navy aviation fabricator working in structural mechanics and executing sheet metal and fuselage repairs; riveting and TIG welding. Then came auto body painting. All this activity obviously put Chuck in a perfect position to one day found Chuck Palumbo Customs.

The first creations Chuck turned out were home garage-built affairs. The blue and white rigid Shovel featured here is an example of what one can do with a garage-build according to Chuck.

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