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This just in from Iowa, and we wonder who moved so quickly on this. I have suspicions, but the Bikernet team is still investigating. This came from Ann Robinson, Hal Robinson’s ex-wife. She is constantly searching for anything related to Hal’s art, which for years was featured in Easyriders Magazine. In fact, we worked with her to create a small line of T-shirts and limited edition art for sale in our shop. Hal’s art is featured significantly on the ER tombstone. He created the character, Miraculous Mutha.



Here is the image we were talking about, this is a biker bed and breakfast in Iowa.
Here is what they posted:
Yea.. it’s true… End of an era. Thank you, you marvelous old girl, for all the wonderful things in my life that came from writing for you. Love and Respect… we will never forget you.