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Debatable Bikernet Weekly News for October 1, 2020

By October 1, 2020General Posts

Hang on for Some Wild Shit!


Here we go. The 5-Ball Racing Team lost a member this week. Ray C. Wheeler fought off death numerous times in the last 20 years. He succeeded right up until this week. It’s an interesting time, because many of the brothers I hear from are at Ray’s age in his mid-70s including myself. It’s a decision point for many, whether to keep working or stop and how much activity can we still deliver accurately and effectively.

Some brothers are forced to keep going. They don’t have the financial wherewithal to kick back. I remember a brother saying, “Fuck that union gig!” Other brothers refused to pay into social security. It comes back to haunt them big time. But there’s a chrome side to the equation for us grubby bikers in the motorcycle industry. We love what we do. Every day is a play day full of creativity and adventure. We’re still having a blast.

I just ordered another batch of Prize Possession copies. It’s my first book the second edition. Have a terrific weekend. Ride safe.

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