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Cool Rider Woman Biker Music Video

By March 9, 2013General Posts

Author, musician and producer Tracey Cramer-Kelly is thrilled to announce the official release of the music video Cool Rider: A Biker Chick's Story.Tracey's voice is featured in the video (her own re-arrangement of the song from Grease 2) and her appearance as the lead character is her acting debut.

She credits the experience of shooting this video with bringing her back to her lady bikerroots (she has been a rider for over 20 years) and convincing her that it was time to write about the women bikers who have populated her imagination for years.

Thus was born the Cool Rider Project: Tracey's attempt to tell the stories of ordinary biker men and women who are not so ordinary after all.

It's the videos. The songs. The photos. Find out more at And

meet the biker chicks of the Iron Zebra, the fictional bar (and motorcycle club) that was the setting

for this video, and get their stories starting with Gina's in Take Two: A Hollywood Romance with a Twist.