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Midnight Rider: My Last Words…I Am Dead

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Within 48 hours Midnight Rider will delete all internet accounts for security reasons.  Any further contact or information regarding the Midnight Rider will only be available at the link below

Dick Cheney has heart of murdered Afghani

Documents reveal a secret government program established during the Gulf war to provide replacement organs for injured service personnel. In 2003, during the Iraq War, a multi-billion dollar private corporation providing military support services took total control.  Operating on a global scale, this covert organization is in the primary business of harvesting and selling human organs. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

Trailering Your Treasures

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Here in Los Angeles you need to ride 100 miles to “Start Riding”, and we have some of the most trafficked freeways in the world. Whether heading to the sands of Mojave or Sturgis, sometimes it just makes sense to trailer your bike and save the quality riding for the destination.  The days of rickety solid axel wooden trailers are long gone and companies have take trailering to an entirely new level. This is a quick look at three distinctly different options.READ MORE

Frankenstein Trikes: Time Traveler-1977

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It’s September, 1977, a beautiful Indian summer day. After an anxious wait I have just picked up the Trike from the painter. I immediately drive to Lisa’s house. I slide to a halt in her gravel driveway, with an aggressive wick of the throttle the short pipes scream and I get her attention. She jumps on the Trike and I throw the hammer and we head for old man Jensen’s pond. I pull right to the water’s edge. Lisa immediately jumps off the Trike, and then sheds her jean shorts and tube top. She turns around and smiles, the shimmer of the pond blinds me as she runs towards the water. READ MORE