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Can-Am’s Spyder

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Can-Am’s Spyder is a one-of-a-kind way to enjoy the ride with its Y-configuration two-wheels-in-front, one-in-back design. Actually, it’s more like six-of-a-kind with the company offering half a dozen variations in sport (RS) and touring (RT) models for 2012. Parent company BRP claims that it is not a motorcycle company, that they have invented a new industry with its line-up of three-wheeled Rotax-built 998cc, 60-degree V-twin “roadsters.” Of the six roadsters offered this year, four of them come in a choice of manual or semi-automatic transmissions. READ FULL STORY

Midnight Rider: The Road to Nowhere- EPISODE 8

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It’s mid-week,10:00am in the morning and I just bought a fifth of Jack Daniels, pack of American Spirits and head back to my haunted room. Half a million missing yearly, human trafficking, Parts Men harvesting human organs, Voodoo witches selling hearts for demonic rituals….what the hell is next?  Zombies and vampires! This started as a story about riding motorcycles at night; I had used up 55 hours in 6 days travel and technically had 5 hours of ride time left tomorrow; the seventh day. Nothing about that story matters anymore.  READ MORE

Cardo introduces the Cardo scala rider® G9, the world’s most advanced wireless Bluetooth motorcycle communication system

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The scala rider G9, compatible with Bluetooth phones, including the iPhoneTM-allows riders to stream MP3 music in stereo wirelessly via A2DP (cable connection included for older MP3 players), initiate and receive phone calls, GPS instructions, and connectivity status announcements, or listen to the built-in FM radio. Many functions can be controlled by voice command for safe, hands-free operation (e.g., "music on," or call "Bill Smith"). An incredibly smart priority management system allows riders to automatically disconnect from the intercom or music to receive incoming phone calls or in-ear GPS instructions. Look for our review in Bikernets Toys and New Technology section