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I LOVE THIS JOB, there are just so many cool new innovative three wheelers out there and I love learning about them. Jesler Enterprises,  a design/build shop, has been in the Cad design, fabrication tooling and electronics, business since 1995.  This is a complete custom trike, frame, suspension, body etc. We made an agreement with Moto Morini in Italy, to purchase their 140 hp, water cooled V-twin, 6 speed fuel injected engine.  READ MORE

Adaptiv Technologies™ Introduces Farkle Fingers™

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Santa Monica, CA – June 11, 2012 – Adaptiv Technologies™  MAKERS OF THE  MIDNIGHT RIDER APPROVED GLOWRIDER NIGHT TIME RIDING MOTORCYCLE JACKET Today introduced their newest product, Farkle Fingers™.
Farkle Fingers™ are tips that would turn any glove touch-screen friendly when placed over the figer tips.
Each Farkle Fingers™ package has MSRP of $20 and comes with four tips. The tips are compatible with all glove sizes.
Adaptiv Technologies is the designer and manufacturer of aftermarket motorcycle products. For more information, go to or call 866-232-7848.