Black Friday Deal From Suspension Technology

By November 22, 2018General Posts

Black Hills Series Shocks – Save 25%

Ben,  Does your passenger hate riding with you? Does your bike bang going over bumps? Does your bike waddle and squirm in corners? If so, we have some love for you.

Our Black Hills Series shocks are featured on BLACK FRIDAY at 25% off. For a small investment, we will make a huge difference in the handling, comfort, and control of your bike. CLICK HERE for the RIDE of your LIFE.

Front and Rear Touring Combo – Save over $195!

Increase handling, comfort and improved stability with the ultimate suspension upgrade: our combination Black Hills Shocks and Suspension Technologies’ Fork Cartridge. Save over $195 for the best handling bagger you have ever experienced. It’s just a click away – CLICK HERE

Mechanical Reverse Pulley Save $200

Our American-made and proven Mechanical Reverse Pulley (MRP) is the industry’s leading reverse system for Harley-Davidson’s touring models. You can park anywhere and reverse out. It’s simple to use and is on Black Friday special today. CLICK HERE for Details.