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V-Twin Expo Live — Bikers Choice Launches Black Brand Gear

By February 6, 2016General Posts


A sizeable section of the Biker’s Choice booth space at the V-Twin expo is dedicated to their exclusive new line of riding gear, called Black Brand. “Black Brand is a line that was conceived out of the fact that there’s nothing in the middle as an aspirational brand for cruiser riders, ” said Brand Manager Howard Kelly. The brand promises quality, rider-engineered gear at mid-level pricing and solid designs that are not identified with any particular manufacturer.

The Black Brand line offers a range of gear, from the well-constructed Compression Jacket made from top grain leather, with quality elements like YKK zipper and 6-year warranty, at about $300. Then there’s the higher end Fahrenheit Jacket with features like D3O body armor and reflective leather that keeps you cooler (perf and non-perf versions) at about $450. There are stylish and functional designs for women as well, plus gloves and the Cheater half helmet that looks like a novelty lid but has actual protective qualities) all at amazing price points.

It’s clear that these products were designed with the rider in mind. So many practical features are included – like tabs on the fingerless gloves to make them easy to pull off when your hands are hot and sweaty. There’s no overt branding, suiting riders of all makes of machines.

Kelly also pointed out that Black Brands has teamed up with Homes For Our Troops. “For every vest, chaps and jacket that we sell we’re making a direct dollar donation to the organization,” he said. “There’s a patch sewn into every garment so the owner and wearer can be proud of that, too, and say ’I’m supporting a vet by buying this vest.’” The goal is to build a house based on Black Brand sales.

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