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BDL's EV 700 Belt Drive Gives You 4 Styles-In-1

By February 14, 2014General Posts
 EV 700
This new addition to the world famous line of belt drives from Belt Drives Limited,EV-700 you to quick and simply change the look of your bike’s primary drive. Available in either black or chrome our latest SFT/BAGGER 2” drive comes complete with everything shown including 4 interchangeable dooms! That’s right in minutes you can change the complete look of the primary drive by simply swapping the dome cover for any of those that come with the kit. You can use the smooth lid in black or flawlessly polished or the unique through cut fluted version without pulling everything apart and purchasing a separate cover with different looks. And you can do it without sacrificing any of the features that have made BDL drives legendary.  Featuring all billet construction with a unique top guard, our kit affords long lasting service and pure functionality. 100% Made in the USA, the unique EV-700 drive incorporates BDL’s legendary ball bearing clutch for unparalleled precise, smooth shifting. Check out all the details by hitting the banner below.