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Ural Factory Reopening

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Our Team at Redmond HQ and our partners around the world have been super busy, remain healthy and continue to take the necessary precautions to operate safely. We hope you and your close ones are weathering these times as well as possible and finding those silver linings along the way. 🙂

Here’s the latest news:

The factory in Irbit is reopening this month and will resume production with initial shipments to Europe and Japan.
Ramping up will take time and  the first shipments heading to US will be arriving sometime mid to late July. US and Canadian dealers currently have good inventory levels but by mid June we expect some pre-order situations. The sooner you let your dealer know what you are looking for, the more precise we can plan production and get your bike delivered quickly. Please plan ahead. Dealers have never been set up better for remote orders and safe deliveries!

May retail registrations in the US have been very strong, almost the same level as last year. This is great news! It’s great that folks are feeling optimistic and plan on riding. As a result our New Jersey warehouse bike inventory is quickly thinning.  We have  approximately 15-20 day supply to support back-to-normal sales levels should the upward  trend continue. Our focus now is to figure out how to replenish inventory as quickly as possible. Stay tuned for further updates!

Our Parts Department has been super busy and working fast to make sure we keep you on the road and/or occupied in your garage. The new Parts Drop Shipments service  and waived drop shipping fees have been extremely popular.

And, last but not the least…. 90 Days Warranty Extension* 

All Ural motorcycles currently under warranty will automatically have three months (90 days) factory warranty extension. All new motorcycle sales registered during the period between March 25 and June 30, 2020 will also have automatic 90-day warranty extension on top of standard 2 year manufacturer warranty.

Stay Healthy and Safe!

The Team at Ural

* For US, Canada and Australia markets.

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May Specials:
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Honda Gold Wing: World’s first motorcycle with Apple CarPlay now also supports Android Auto

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by Abhilasha Singh from

The method to update software for Honda Gold Wing is planned to be available in the mid of June 2020. Honda has said it will introduce Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration to more models eventually.

Honda Gold Wing cruiser motorcycle will now come with Android Auto, the update for which will be available by June this year. Android Auto will be integrated with the current-model Gold Wing allowing customers with Android smartphones will be able to use application services such as music, phone calls and messaging. The method to update software is planned to be available in the mid of June 2020. Honda has said it will introduce Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration to more models eventually.

The Gold Wing GL1000 was first introduced in the North American market in 1975 and has been the flagship for Honda for over four decades now. In October 2017, the Gold Wing launched in North America became the world’s first motorcycle with Apple CarPlay integration. By connecting their smartphones using either of the operating systems, customers can use features like navigation and application-specific services.

Android Auto will offer a simplified interface and easy-to-use voice actions to Android users. Honda says that the system has been designed to minimise distraction. Android Auto makes it easy to access music, media, and messaging apps on the motorcycle. With your Google Assistant on Android Auto, riders can use functions while keeping their eyes on the road and hands on the bar, using voice.

Gold Wing riders will now have Google Maps on their instrument cluster screens along with streaming YouTube Music. Both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connectivity systems are coming to more bikes in the future, so this will perhaps not remain a one-off upgrade for long. But it sure points to how keen Google is to put Android Auto at more places.

Spectacula Motorcycle Is Proof Some Builds Are Better Than Custom Harleys

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by Daniel Patrascu from

Absolutely awesome. These are the words used by a German custom bike garage to describe the Specula, a motorcycle the like of which the European continent had never been gifted with before.

Used to seeing incredible motorcycle builds coming from the U.S., the world is at times blind when it comes to noticing other incredible machines rolling out garage doors elsewhere in the world. In Europe, for instance, the last couple of decades have seen some stunning bikes roll out into the sunset.

One of the main custom garages there is Thunderbike, a German group that started out as a repair shop for Japanese motorcycles, and then moved on to customizing Harleys and making their own frames. The bike in the gallery above, called Spectacula, is part of the latter category.

The design is 15 years old, but despite not being the newest kid on the block, it’s still one of the most extreme.

Unlike many of the Thunderbike designs we talked about recently, the Spectacula is not powered by a Harley-Davidson engine, but uses a TP-Pro one. It is rated at 120 ps and resides in the middle of a custom frame that has been built from scratch, as did every other part of the motorcycle, for that matter.

Shaped like no other bike out there, the Spectacula carefully hides all of the working parts so they are not visible: throttle, clutch, brake, gearshift and air suspension, all seem to have not been visibly linked to the fork or frame.

It took the Thunderbike guys six months to bring this project from the drawing board into the real world, with a full month of that time being spent on carefully applying 28 layers of paint on the bike’s body.

The Spectacula is not for sale, as it was intended only as a show build.

The Mysterious Bikernet Weekly News for May 14, 2020

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Some ups and downs…

I completely understand the need not to overwhelm our medical industry. And recently the Sturgis Rally discussion surfaced. One report worried that all the decision makers had solely financial cards in play and that the decision might be forced in one direction, to make money off the rally.

I said the players run the gamut from Zero tolerance control freaks to freedom riders, party animals and the money makers. I hope they can find balance. But in the end motorcycling wins. As long as we are riding, we’re safe and free. Just ride through Sturgis and keep going. Ride into the hills of the Badlands. Ride through Yosemite and Zion. Ride through Flagstaff and Monument Valley. Just Ride!

Think about it. Life can be fucked or fun, it’s up to each one of us. Find the path and follow it to Nirvana or another Redhead, both are heaven. And make sure you ride all the way…

Freedom Forever,



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Harley-Davidson GT One Is a Special Breed of FXDR

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by Daniel Patrascu from

Generally, the GT moniker is reserved for a particular breed of cars, built specifically to offer performance, thrills, and looks to die for, even on long distance drives. But it is used on motorcycles as well to advertise the machines’ capability of handling long trips and high speeds simultaneously.

There are a great number of bike builders that use the GT name for their models.Yamaha does it for the Tracer, BMW has a number of GTs too, and so does KTM. But not Harley. At least not officially, because there is a Softail FXDR out there that is called exactly that.

Of course, the bike is no longer the FXDR you get at the local Harley dealer, but a customized piece of work handled by a German garage called Thunderbike.

As many of their other builds, the GT One, as they call it, is the result of serious work that ended in the replacement of many original parts with custom-made ones, all for the sake of doing something Europeans are generally not used to seeing.

There’s a long list of modifications made and custom parts added. The list includes new wheels, grips and exhaust system, but also a unique paintwork handled by a group called Kruse Design.

Most importantly, despite having much larger wheel than stock (23 and 21 inches), the bike makes no compromise when it comes to suspension, which is essential for long-distance travels. Thunderbike says that by using a completely new triple tree, no restrictions had to be made in this respect when the new wheels were fitted.

The Harley-Davidson GT One was shown for the first time at the end of last year. It is part of a family of Thunderbike builds that includes other high-profile projects, like the RS Lambo we talked about last week, a tribute to the Italian-made supercars.


5-Ball Racing Shop

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New Indian Cruz Tool Kit meets Bandit’s Dayroll

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Tools Are Always Terrific Gifts, Especially When They Work!

Okay, as we all know tool kits are terrific presents for any biker. They are everywhere, in fact, the other day I was digging around and found a flashlight setting on a shelf. No big deal, right? This damn flashlight was six inches tall and the last two inches were devoted to tools like a massive Swiss Army knife with fold-out blades, screwdrivers, scissors, you name it.

This is a 2.0 Cruz Tool Kit designed specifically for new Polaris built Indians, which are amazing bikes.


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Harley-Davidson Black Baron Is Heritage with a Naked Bottom

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by Daniel Patrascu from

At times, simply removing some parts and adding new wheels on a motorcycle is all it takes to transform a mass-produced vehicle into a unique build in the world of custom bikes.

The motorcycle pictured in the gallery above, even if it may not look like it, started life as a Harley-Davidson Softail. Introduced in the 1980s, the Softails have become one of the main product lines of the Milwaukee-based bike maker, presently counting 12 models in all.

One of them is the Heritage line, which now includes only the Classic 114. The bike, as do other Softails, has been a custom industry favorite for years, and not only in the United States.

For the past 20 years, a German shop by the name of Thunderbike has been in the business of converting Harley to unique builds. One of their more recent projects, based on a Softail Heritage, is the Black Baron, a conversion that might not be extreme, but it definitely is effective.

Shown for the first time in April, Black Baron is all about showing off the massive wheels that put the engine’s power to the ground. At 21 inches front and 18 inches rear, the wheels are massive, but most importantly they are both fully visible thanks to the modifications made.

As standard, Harley sells the Heritage with a large fender on the front wheel, and the rear one hidden beneath the big saddle and the side bags. Thunderbike worked around that by eliminating these obstacles from the equation.

The fender at the front has been completely removed to make room for the much larger wheel. At the rear, the saddle, a big one on the stock motorcycle, has been replaced by a custom, much smaller one, while the bags, although still there, are no longer factory-spec, but more suited to the current build.

There are a number of other custom parts fitted on the motorcycle, ranging from the turn signals to exhaust, but no modifications have been made to the engine. That means the frame holds the usual Milwaukee-Eight 114, good for 155 Nm.


Honda Gold Wing Gets Android Auto This Summer

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by Daniel Patrascu from

It’s been about three years since one of the most appreciated touring motorcycles on the American market, Honda’s Gold Wing, got the blessing of Apple Carplay connectivity. During these three years, Android devices owners must have felt quite left out.

That will change as of this summer, as starting next month the Japanese bike maker plans to roll out Android Auto on its Gold Wing bikes sold globally, and promises more motorcycles will be gifted with it in the not so distant future.

“Honda announced that Android Auto will be integrated with the current-model Gold Wing,” Honda said in a statement Wednesday.

“Customers with Android smartphones will be able to enjoy application services seamlessly such as music, phone calls and messaging. The method to update software is planned to be available in the mid of June, 2020.”

It’s a big year for Android Auto on the motorcycle market, and the battle to make it available to customers is heating up. Earlier in March, Harley-Davidson too announced the bikes it makes for the 2021 model year (Trike, CVO, and Touring) would also begin using Android Auto.

The Honda Gold Wing is nearly half a century old. First shown in Germany in 1974, it managed to quickly become a hit, turning into the flagship model of the brand and enjoying a great deal of success especially on the North American market.

The Gold Wind range presently comprises two versions for the American market, the standard and the Tour. Prices for the standard Gold Wing start at $23,800.

For that, the bike comes with a 1,833cc six cylinder engine, ran through a six-speed manual transmission with overdrive or optionally a 7-speed automatic.

The Gold Wing offers a lot of modern technologies. For instance. the so-called HomeLink feature can be had, which allows owners to control some of the functions of the home devices from the bike, allowing for instance the opening of the garage doors by using a switch on the center console.

One-Off Carbon Fiber Harley-Davidson LiveWire Going Under the Hammer

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by Daniel Patrascu from

The LiveWire electric motorcycle is not proving to be the killer product Harley-Davidson was hoping for, at least for now. Introduced in 2019 as the first electric bike made by an established player in the industry, the LiveWire needs all the boost it can get to compete with similar products made by the countless start-ups trying to make a name for themselves.

In a bid to increase the public’s awareness and to lend a helping hand in the ongoing crisis, Harley announced this week the first special rebuild of the LiveWire. Unfortunately, it is not a production run, but a one-off bike meant to be sold for charity.

Wearing a special paint scheme and graphics all over, this LiveWire has been bestowed with carbon fiber parts – the speed screen blade, tail section cowl, and the tank trim sport this material. Also, the signatures of most of the members of the Harley-Davidson team are featured on the motorcycle’s body.

The LiveWire is offered as part of an online auction handled by Bonhams on May 12. All the money raised from selling it will go to United Way Worldwide’s Community Response and Recovery Fund dedicated to the current health crisis.

“We are all affected by the current situation, and the impact it has on the most at risk portions of society,” said in a statement Jon Bekefy, general manager of brand marketing at Harley-Davidson.

“As a longtime partner of the United Way, and inspired by their continued resilience in this crisis, Harley-Davidson is honored to have a part to play in the relief effort and to inspire our community about the open road ahead.”

Harley did not say how much it expects to fetch for the motorcycle, but promises the winning bidder not only the LiveWire itself, but also a exclusive delivery experience and “behind-the-scenes” Harley-Davidson tour together with a guest.