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Bike Week Bikernet Weekly News for March 5th, 2020

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BANDIT’S CANTINA BAD JOKE LIBRARY-– Since it was such a crappy day, I sat in my recliner and started thinking about life. I came to realize that as I have grown older I’ve learned that pleasing everyone is impossible, but pissing everyone off is a piece of cake.

Condoms don’t guarantee safe sex anymore, a friend of mine was wearing one when he was shot by the woman’s husband.

WHAT A DAY !!!!!!!!!!!!


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Harley-Davidson T-Shirt Quilt Sells for $11,500, Money Goes to Charity

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For more than a century, the Harley-Davidson name has grown so large that now it far exceeds the confines of just motorcycle manufacturer moniker. For some people – and they are not few – Harley has become a way of life.

For true fans of the brand there are few things that cannot be associated with this famous American name. From motorcycle-related hardware to less-so items, there are countless ways in which the brand is honored.

One strange, yet apparently very satisfying way the Harley name is used around the world is quilts. There is an entire industry dedicated to them, and the Internet is flooded with people bragging or trying to sell their quilts.

You can generally buy a Harley-Davidson quilt for sums that start from around $100 for a twin-sized U.S. bed. But this one here, pictured above, was sold at the end of February for $11,500.

It went for so much because there’s a story behind it. It was made by a British Columbia quilter named Bobbi Pardy to help Adaura Cayford, a 9-year-old currently undergoing treatment for an inoperable brain cancer.

Pardy spent around 60 hours assembling the quilt from donated T-shirt wearing the Harley-Davidson name and logos, sent to her from places as far as Saudi Arabia and Ecuador.

Once ready, the quilt was sold at the end of a 10-day auction event for $11,500. And even if that seems a lot, just think Adaura’s medication costs $5,000 per month, according to Alaska Highway News.

“I had to do something,” the creator of the quilt said according to the source. “I thought this was something I could do. It’s my time and that’s it. It’s a really cool T-shirt quilt.”

Despite the effort made by these people from British Columbia, Adaura’s fight continues. For those willing to help, a Go Fund Me page has been created where more money can be donated.

Indian Motorcycle Introduces All-New 2020 Scout Bobber Sixty

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America’s First Motorcycle Company continues to move the industry forward by providing riders with a wide range of options of which to choose from.  Today, Indian Motorcycle introduced the 2020 Indian Scout Bobber Sixty, a more attainable and lightweight option for riders who expect the same premium quality and craftsmanship they’ve come to expect from Indian, combined with a stripped-down aesthetic.

Starting at $8,999, the Scout Bobber Sixty is powered by a 78-horsepower engine and comes packed with performance features that appeal to all riders seeking mean, old school styling at a competitive price point.  In addition, staying true to their commitment to self-expression, Indian Motorcycle will also offer an array of over 140 accessories for the Bobber Sixty.


Minimalistic & Raw – the Lightweight Indian Scout Bobber Sixty Features Stripped-Down, Blacked-Out Styling, and a 60 Cubic-Inch, Liquid-Cooled Engine

Minneapolis (March 5, 2020) – Indian Motorcycle, America’s First Motorcycle Company, today introduced the 2020 Indian Scout Bobber Sixty – a 999cc version of its popular Scout Bobber, that is 24 pounds lighter. Starting at $8,999, the Scout Bobber Sixty is a more attainable option for riders seeking Indian Motorcycle’s premium quality and craftsmanship combined with a stripped-down aesthetic.

Powered by the same 78-horsepower engine as the Scout Sixty, the Scout Bobber Sixty’s light weight, nimble handling, and low center of gravity will appeal to all riders seeking mean, old school styling at a competitive price point.

“Bringing a stripped down, old-school Bobber priced at $8,999 is something we’re very excited about.  We’re proud to provide such a dynamic offering at a price point that makes owning an Indian motorcycle extremely attainable to an even wider range of riders,” said Reid Wilson, Vice President of Indian Motorcycle.

The Scout Bobber Sixty maintains the stripped-down styling of the Scout Bobber, including chopped fenders and a confident riding position, while adding several cues that give the model a look of its own.  The Scout Bobber Sixty features a blacked-out engine, a modern tank badge, perch mount mirrors, stripped down headlight, an all-black seat, and all new five-spoke all black wheels.

Riders looking to customize their Scout Bobber Sixty can do so by selecting from more than 140 authentic Indian Motorcycle accessories. Riders looking to venture outside city limits can enjoy a comfortable ride with Indian Motorcycle’s an all-new color matched comfort seat and passenger seat options.

Shipping to U.S. and Canadian dealers now, the Scout Bobber Sixty is available in Thunder Black and Thunder Black Smoke paint with ABS and non-ABS versions. Scout Bobber Sixty pricing starts at $8,999 with financing options as low as $111 a month.

Learn more about Indian Motorcycle and the Scout Bobber Sixty by visiting and following along on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Side stand foot enlargement BMW F900R/XR & Lithium Battery

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Side stand foot enlargement for BMW F900R & F900XR

Feel safer parking your bike on dirt or asphalt with a side stand foot enlargement. More than 100% bigger contact area. Made of high quality aluminium. Black anodized. Easy to install.

Side stand foot enlargement for BMW F900R & F900XR
26,70 Euro up (incl. VAT) plus shipping
(press release and printable pictures)

Lithium battery and battery charger for BMW motorcycles

Due to its high output power due to the low internal resistance, this lithium battery starts motorcycles quickly. In addition, it is characterized by a low self-discharge. The height of the battery can be varied.

The automatic charger is a microprocessor-controlled, intelligent battery charging and diagnostic tester for 12V lead-acid batteries (Gel, EXIDE, AGM, Hawker, Microflies and acid) which can also handle CAN-BUS systems. After switchover, it can also be used to charge modern lithium batteries. It works with characteristic controlled charging technology and allows for optimal charging and battery maintenance. All the connection accessories are included.

Lithium battery for BMW motorcycles
94,90 Euro up (incl. VAT) plus shipping

Automatic battery charger for BMW motorcycles
79,95 Euro up (incl. VAT) plus shipping
(press release and printable pictures)

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The Rocket 3 Is Apparently Faster Than Triumph Claims

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The Rocket 3 gets from zero to sixty faster than most sport bikes.

The trend of heavyweight, high displacement motorcycles has seen a noticeable decline in the past years. Manufacturers seem to be shifting their attention towards lighter weight, low capacity, and even electric motorcycles. Not only does this make motorcycling friendlier to beginners, it also puts motorcycles as a more accessible means of transport.

Triumph Motorcycles, despite making moves to penetrate the aforementioned segment, have retained—and updated—a motorcycle that can be considered a dinosaur to some. Still the holder of the title of largest displacement motorcycle in the world, the outgoing Triumph Rocket 3 boasts an excessive 2,294cc in-line three engine. This machine is by no means a featherweight. Tipping the scales at nearly 800 lbs (that’s twice the weight of most naked bikes out there), the Rocket 3 is intimidating, and rightfully so.

As to why Triumph decided to increase the Rocket 3’s already gargantuan displacement to 2,500cc for the 2020 model year, is perhaps simply because they can. Churning out a whopping 147 ft/lbs of torque, and 145 horsepower, the Rocket 3 propels itself, well, like a rocket. It’s claimed to go from 0-60 miles per hour in around 3.2 seconds. Or does it?

Apparently, a Triumph test rider smashed Triumph’s internal 0-60 record during a track event in Spain in October of last year. The unnamed pilot was able to commandeer the Rocket 3 from 0-60 miles per hour in a blistering 2.73 seconds. 2.73 seconds on an 800 pound cruiser is definitely a performance to brag about.

However, the Rocket 3 isn’t impressive solely because of its 0-60 time. Triumph test riders and Rocket 3 owners alike have praised the bike’s cornering ability. Of course, it’s no sport bike, and it wasn’t designed to carve corners on the race track. Nonetheless, its riding characteristics have been likened to that of the Speed Triple, rather than that of a cruiser.

The Triumph Rocket 3 indeed punches above and beyond its class in terms of performance. But then again, isn’t the Rocket 3 in a class of its own?

Royal Enfield Backs Moto Anatomy American Flat Track Campaign

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Royal Enfield Backs Moto Anatomy American Flat Track Campaign

Decorated flat track racer, Johnny Lewis will develop & race Harris Performance built Twins FT during the 2020 AFT Season

MILWAUKEE (March 4, 2020) — Royal Enfield North America has partnered with American Flat Track (AFT) racer Johnny Lewis and his team Moto Anatomy for 2020. Lewis will develop the all-new Royal Enfield FT, built by Harris Performance, in the Production Twins class at select AFT rounds this year. Based on the INT650 motorcycle, Moto Anatomy will race the FT with support from Royal Enfield, Harris Performance and S&S Cycle.

“This racing effort is unprecedented in Royal Enfield’s North American history,” said Breeann Poland, Marketing Lead – Americas. “Johnny Lewis is a legitimate contender anytime he’s on the track and we couldn’t have picked a better partner in his organization, Moto Anatomy. Flat track continues to garner attention from both a professional and grassroots level and we feel strongly about our extended partnership with AFT and now Moto Anatomy. We are thrilled to bring the Royal Enfield brand to more enthusiasts and this is a great opportunity to do that on a major scale.”

Lewis has risen through the ranks of American Flat Track and enjoyed success at both the amateur and professional levels. Lewis will debut the concept Twins FT, first revealed at the 2019 EICMA Show, at the Daytona TT on March 14, 2020, as a part of the media team. Lewis will then compete with the motorcycle for the first time at the Laconia short track event on June 13 and will run all AFT short track events for the remainder of the season in the Production Twins class. The Royal Enfield FT will also run the Sturgis Buffalo Chip TT and Peoria TT as a wildcard entry in the Super Twins class.

“I’m excited to lead the development of the Royal Enfield Flat Track Twin program in 2020,” said Moto Anatomy owner and AFT racer, Johnny Lewis. “Being involved at such an early stage in a brand’s racing efforts has been a fantastic opportunity. While our focus is on development, there is great potential in the platform and it’s encouraging to see a manufacturer with as much history as Royal Enfield entering AFT. It’s also great to see Royal Enfield helping grow the sport of motorcycling in North America with its new rider initiatives.”

Besides racing, Moto Anatomy will also use the Royal Enfield FT411, a modified variation of the Royal Enfield Himalayan set up exclusively for flat track use, as part of Royal Enfield Slide School Presented by Moto Anatomy. This flat track riding clinic will be available to the public at select events during 2020, giving riders the opportunity to learn the basics of flat track in a controlled environment.

To learn more about Moto Anatomy and its AFT efforts, visit and to watch the Royal Enfield FT in action check your local listings for NBCSN and TrackPass on NBC Sports Gold, the official homes for coverage of American Flat Track. The complete schedule for AFT on NBCSN can be viewed at

BMW Motorrad Charges the Mid-Range Segment With 2020 F 900 R and F 900 XR

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BMW thinks of the F 900 R and F 900 XR as two brothers. They may have different appearances, but in the end they have same heart (engine) and the same frame, with suspension adjustments for each model.

Basically the F 900 R is the little speedy brother, while the F 900 XR is the bigger, more pumped up brother. They both are made for specific riding situations, the R model being a roadster type for fun riding on the road, while the XR is a more touring oriented motorcycle, capable for off-road riding and keeping a good balance on the road as well.

The two models share the same inline-two cylinder 895 cc engine. It has been pumped up from 853 cc to achieve a power of 99 hp and 67 lb-ft (90 Nm) of torque. This makes the engine have a linear torque curve over most of the RPM range.

Regarding the safety measures, they both come as standard with two riding mode (Rain – lower power mode, and Road – normal power mode) as well as with ABS and ASC. An additional two riding modes (Dynamic and Dynamic Pro) can be “unlocked” as factory options, letting you customize the bikes’ electric assistance, like the Dynamic Traction Control (DTC), ABS Pro, Dynamic Brake Control (DBC) and engine drag torque control (MSR).

The frame of these models is made from steel, to achieve better stiffness and riding precision. Considering that the frame is a new design from BMW, the fuel tank had to be relocated to the classic position between the rider and the handle bars while also switching to plastic to keep the weight low. As a comparison, the previous generations had the fuel tank placed under the seat, which in theory made the bike easier to control as it got a lower center of gravity.

The suspension for the front wheel is an upside-down telescopic fork with 5.3 inches of travel for the R model and 6.7 inches travel for the XR. The rear wheel is articulated by a double-sided aluminum swing-arm with a central mono-shock. This is adjustable on both preload and rebound damping. The travel is 5.6 inches for the roadster and 6.8 inches for the tourer.

In addition, the BMWs will have a 6.5 inches TFT screen dashboard with BMW Motorrad connectivity as standard. The panel is easily readable and has tons of information you can access via a multi-controller mounted on the left side of the handle bar.

As factory options, they can also have keyless ride – no more awkward steel key introducing and turning, as the rider can keep the transmitter within his pockets, and Adaptive Cornering Light, which integrates more LED lights into the headlight that activate while banking over certain angles at speeds over 10 km/h (6 mph) to light up the road better and make the rider feel safer when riding at night.

This Is One of the Best Apple CarPlay Kits for Harley-Davidson

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It goes without saying that installing an Apple CarPlay or Android Auto kit on a Harley-Davidson isn’t as easy as it is on a car, as the system needs to have some extra features that would make it appropriate for a motorcycle.

And Sony knows this best, as its XAV-AX7000 AV receiver is one of the best choices right now for every Harley-Davidson owner, providing nearly the same experience as in a car.

With a 6.05-inch capacitive touchscreen, the new Sony kit also features an anti-glare layer, which is without a doubt a nice thing to have on a motorcycle. But additionally, Sony has also added waterproof protection for the screen, so you really shouldn’t have any problems if it starts raining and you’re using CarPlay for navigation.

And because rain is something that we can’t always predict accurately, Sony has also equipped the system with sealed buttons on the front-facing part in order to prevent water from reaching the internals.

The XAV-AX7000 can also be used in a car, as it also comes with rear-view camera support, 4x100W Max. power output, and voice control for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to use it hands-free.

The display features a 17:9 aspect ratio and a 800×480 resolution, with a 500 nits maximum brightness. This isn’t the best performance for sunny days, though, but it should get its job done most of the time.

As for the price, the Sony XAV-AX7000 is available from a series of retailers starting at $499.99, but additional accessories might be required to install it on a motorcycle. It goes without saying that you should be able to install it at home without paying for professional installation, but make sure you read the manual to connect all cables properly.

The device supports both Android Auto and CarPlay when a smartphone is connected, so you’ll also need a phone mount to use the whole thing.

If Mad Max Needed One More Motorcycle for Filming, This Would Have Been It

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Italian people have designer genes in their blood, as a guy called Luca Lamperti clearly shows after making a full custom Mad Max and Alien vs Predator mash-up based on a Ducati Monster. He calls it the Apophis 99942.

Grezzo, by his nickname, runs a custom builds workshop called Raw Bike Factory and he is a full time artist and iron “worker” full of creativity. He likes to think that he is a shaper of unusual things and this bike is the result of his ideas.

At first glance, his creation makes our brains think only about Mad Max movies combined with Alien vs Predator. It’s the perfect bike for an alien to ride between the galaxies to kill the predators.

Everything on the bike, except the engine and the mainframe, is a custom build. Starting in the front we can see many little braided lines, albeit only one of them is a real brake hose. The tires have metal studded bands attached to them. This makes the machine unrideable on the street, so he has the perfect excuse to keep this beauty inside the house and admire it every day.

To achieve a more aggressive look, he changed the original 40-something tooth puny sprocket with a gigantic and humongous home-made sprocket. The tank, saddle and tail section are made from one big aluminum piece, hand-beaten into the desired shape. The symbols drawn on the different parts of the bike are applied via a special mechanical process that can engrave on aluminum.

One other thing that stands out for this bike is the fact that it has steel grips. It seems like Grezzo does not like rubber at all. In addition, he thought that keys are not cool either, so by typing a special code on the bike’s touchscreen placed instead of the original dashboard, you can start the engine.

The Apophis 99942 was created to participate at custom bike building championships. It participated at the AMD World Championship in 2018 in the freestyle class. Although this build is special and unique, it only got an honorable mention.

Monocle motorcycle racing series heads to Aldo Scribante

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Aldo Scribante will be the scene for some exciting motorcycle action when the Monocle Series of Motorcycle Magic heads to the Bay this weekend.

Featuring several racing classes, the event is suited to motorcycle enthusiasts of all ages, skill levels as well as bike manufacturers.

The event, which is the second of an eight-round series hosted around the country, hopes to attract a similar field to that of the opening round at Redstar Raceway in Mpumalanga that drew more than 150 riders across the various classes.

One of the competing classes is the 300cc group aimed at young riders with a basic skill level and a love for track days, PE Classic Bike Racing’s Lucille Elliot said.

The 600cc and 1000cc classes will be open to all adrenaline junkies looking to test their limits on the tricky Scribante circuit.

The Classics class, which will feature bikes manufactured between 1975 and 1989, will welcome restored gems for lovers of the older machines.

The Battle of the Twins class will feature a host of Italian manufactured motorcycles and promises lots of horsepower.

The series was first established by a group of BOTTS riders who go by the name of Rebel Racing.

“They are all dedicated motorcycle enthusiasts who provide the opportunity for local motorcycle riders of all skill levels to come to the track and enjoy some racing,” Elliottt said.

“They pride themselves on providing a safe environment where people from all walks of life can enjoy racing in harmony,” she added.

Elliott encouraged track lovers from across the Bay to come out and support the event, be it in a racing or spectating capacity.

More information can be found on the event website or on the Aldo Scribante Facebook page.